Our Team


Amelia, Managing Editor

Amelia, our wordsmith and grammar guru, grew up in Arizona where she found herself editing books even as a small child. After trying many different directions in college, from seismology to interior decorating to nursing, she had an epiphany: that editing was what she had been meant to do all along. In addition to a passion for the written word, she has a deep and abiding love of animals. She volunteers at animal shelters, and particularly loves the cats and dogs who are harder to place in homes—the older ones, the ones with disabilities, and the ones who tend to be overlooked. Yahtzee, Boo, Russell, Snook, and Toby are just a few of the creatures with a hold on her heart. And if you’ve seen her desk, you’ll also know she also has what she calls a “serious soft spot” for rodents.

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Andrea, Warehouse Supervisor

Ask Andrea about how she manages to lift a steel log over her head or carry around a 175-pound weight in each hand, and she’ll tell you she surprised even herself at first. It’s all a part of the strong man competitions her husband Matt got her into, and now she says she doesn’t want to go a week without “screaming and picking stuff up.” Andrea’s into sports of all kinds, whether she’s taking her dog Kimber for a run or playing softball with her sisters. And there’s lots of activity on the weekends, too—someone in her extended family has a birthday almost every weekend, so there are always kids to chase around and way too much food on the table. Peanut butter cookies with Reese’s in the middle are Andrea’s favorite, which sounds like excellent fuel for the next strong man event.

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Angeline, Marketing Manager

Angeline grew up in the Philippines, California, and Seattle. She still travels to the Philippines every few years to visit her family, play cards on the porch, and see old friends. They make excursions to the mountains and the beach, buy vegetables from the market, and eat lots of traditional dishes. She thinks of food as a hobby, and is always searching for the perfect brunch, happy hour, or tamale. And though persimmons and popsicles factor high on her list, Angeline’s dream is to write a romance novel. She adores tales with a plucky female heroine who challenges a dashing man, and recalls that even as a child she could hardly tear herself away from books. One summer, she read 100 books and ended up with her picture in the paper. These days, she’s finally hard at work on a book of her own.

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Annie, Customer Service Specialist

Annie says she didn’t know what she wanted to do for a long time. She took psychology courses because she loved discovering how minds work, but something about cooking called to her. “It’s like getting a tasty chemistry experiment right,” she says. So she got some culinary degrees under her belt and is steadily working toward her dream of starting a small candy and chocolate shop one day. She’s also writing a cookbook for busy urban dwellers. And creating a comic book about a sentient aquaponic carrot seed. “I like to go in lots of different directions at once,” she says. Though she and her boyfriend Chris tend to keep Saturday relaxed, they’re often out and about on Sunday, with Sammy the terrier-cattle dog-basenji mix, and their inflatable kayaks. “We love that we can take them on the bus,” she says, “along with a delicious picnic.” Salami sandwiches on homemade bread? Yes, please.

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Ashley, Account Analyst, National Accounts

Ashley and her boyfriend Ian met on the dance floor at a goth club, and she admits to an affinity for dark things. In fact, Halloween is her favorite holiday, which explains why she has several recipes for fake blood (including, she says, “your basic corn syrup blood”), and once created a treasure troll costume that had every inch of her hair standing straight up. Exploring Seattle’s beautiful geography on a run, a hike, or a bike ride is something she says “brings great joy”, but so does checking out punk craft fairs, taste-testing vegan recipes, and searching out beers from her favorite nanobreweries. And when it’s time to recuperate from all this, she stays home with Neko the cat—a real cuddler. “I was always a dog lover,” she admits, but Neko has a way of warming up to people by sleeping on their shoulders. And besides, “Neko is Japanese for cat,” she says, “and Ian had the name picked out for years.”

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Brooke, Shipping Supervisor

“I have two dogs and two cats,” says Brooke, “and they all want to sleep in my room.” She says it might have something to do with the fact that the woodstove is in there, but it seems pretty clear that Brooke’s a magnet for animals with a story. There’s Kahlua the rescue Pomeranian with an attitude, Bunnie the little black cat who was found in a box, and Totoro, the one kitten from Bunnie’s litter she just couldn’t part with. Brooke’s boyfriend Dominic just adopted a huge Pyrenees/boxer mix, so it looks like the menagerie is still growing. When she isn’t at home with the animals, Brooke is spoiling her nephew and niece, playing softball (“as much as I can,” she says) or taking a road trip down the coast, but she admits she’s always happiest curled up on the couch with a good book and at least a few animals for company.

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Chris S., Greeting Card Production & Fulfillment

Chris is the warehouse’s good-natured prankster. He’s been known to pull a few practical jokes, but always in the spirit of putting a smile on someone’s face. “If you’re happy,” he says, “things just go better.” Brutus, Chris’ black lab seems determined to test how far this theory can go—he’s already chewed up an Xbox controller and a portable heater. When Chris isn’t wrangling the dog, he can quote something from pretty much any movie you can throw at him, and he tears it up at karaoke, too. He and Madison are expecting a baby in March—“We just found out it’s going to be a boy,” Chris says, with pride in his voice. Given Chris’ love of movies, video games, and outings to the zoo with Madison’s son Michael, it’s a pretty good bet this baby is in for a whole lot of fun.

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Dan, Founder

Dan grew up in the Italian neighborhood on lower Queen Anne in the days of Italian gardens filled with tomatoes, beans and fig trees. Rather than getting candy on Halloween, his neighbors handed out hard-boiled eggs, and salami with cheese. You’d think with such strong cultural ties he’d speak Italian like a native, but even after several visits to the old country, no one in his family’s northern Italian village can understand him. Recently, he moved across the street from the zoo and has lions, tigers and peacocks serving as his early morning wake up call. Being in Seattle again means that Dan is also closer to his large extended family, which is great for him because family is everything to him. And that’s great for us because he sees us all as his family, too.

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Darryal "DJ", Material Handling & Fulfillment

“Pretty much right now, I love martial arts,” says DJ when you ask him what he’s up to these days. It started with wrestling and boxing, but now he’s into mixed martial arts and kickboxing too. DJ says he loves the discipline of it, the competition, and seeing personal improvement. He’s friends with many of the people he trains with—“you can punch each other in the face, then laugh about it afterwards,” he says. “And everyone works together to make each other better.” When he isn’t training or competing, he loves podcasts—especially ones that focus on historical events and the cosmos—any kind of big, meaningful story. And in between all of that, DJ loves to draw and paint with pencils and pastels. Last year, he made paintings for everyone in his family for Christmas. “It’s less about the material world,” he says, “and more about the connection.”

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Deanna, Production & Fulfillment

Deanna recently moved back from Montana, where she and her fiance Michael were a part of the car scene. They’d drive up to the mountain passes, go to shows, play music, take pictures, even have parties where they’d fill an entire parking garage. She loved learning how to change oil, work on brakes, understand carburetors and classic car technology, and now has a ’96 Honda Accord that she and Michael are fixing up. “It isn’t the greatest in the world,” she says, “but it’s mine.” And when she isn’t working on cars, Deanna says she’s “a bit of a grandma”—reading books, crocheting, and spending time with her family, Michael’s family, and their dogs, guinea pig, turtle, and fish. This year, she’s starting nursing school—something she’s been interested in for a while. It makes sense—helping people is something she’s passionate about, and then there’s the satisfaction of learning something new.

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Diane, Controller

Open-minded and curious, Diane is always in search of expanding her horizons. Nutrition? Organic vegetables? Meditation? She’ll try it all in the name of a healthier lifestyle. It’s the thing she does to combat her love of chocolate. She never met a piece she didn’t like, even though she tries to drown out its call with the use of her Zen-like fountain and green plants. Her love for it extends to her favorite question: “Would you rather have chocolate or vanilla?” It’s a question reminding us that we all get to make choices. Her uppermost choices? Time with her beloved dog Zoe, her adorable granddaughters, and her adoring daughter, all of whom light up Diane’s life in ways that chocolate never can.

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Emily, Junior Marketing Designer

“The most important thing in my life,” says Emily without hesitation, “is my family.” Any time they have a chance, everyone gets together to relax and spend time together at their Montana cabin—a place she describes as “good for my soul.” She also admits that it’s almost impossible for her to sit still if there’s good music on. “I can’t not move,” she says. She’s danced jazz, ballet, and modern since she was ten. And while she went through a bit of a punk-rock phase in high school, she decided when she went to college that her focus was going to be on “meeting great people.” It must have worked, because she met Brett her first day on campus. They’re getting married this fall in a garden overlooking Roche Harbor. There will be lots of great people, and they will all be dancing.

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Heidi, Designer

Idyllic Sarasota is Heidi’s childhood city: a place of picnics on the shore, lavish Easter egg hunts, and late-night conversations long after most everyone else had gone to bed. Sarasota is also where Heidi went to art school, and where she met the man who would one day become her husband—she and Jose took each other’s hands on the beach one night, and haven’t let go of each other since. They grew close side-by-side in the design studio, working until they were bleary-eyed, and propping themselves up with runs to Taco Bell. Now they live across the street from Heidi’s sister, and spend their time up on the roof, cooking arepas (Jose’s specialty) and hosting friends and family. If they’re not catching a train to Portland for the weekend, you can find them close to home, with their two marmalade cats for company.

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Helen, Lead Production Artist—The Finisher

Whether she’s biking to work, playing in a volleyball league, or running in a local 5k, Helen likes to be active. Her graphic design career is a testament to her go-getting spirit—over the years she has built a thriving freelance business. What finally convinced her to come to Compendium full-time was the people, she says. And if she isn’t at work keeping our creative projects running smoothly, she might just be entertaining with her cooking club or designing pro bono work for non-profits. An avid football fan, she has the Seattle Seahawks to thank for introducing her to her husband Mark—the two met at a football party at a friend’s house, and he later proposed at their annual Super Bowl party. Helen’s a great one to invite to your party, too—she'll show up wearing something wacky from her costume closet, and carrying a platter full of good food to share.

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Jason, Manager, Logistics & Fulfillment

Jason spends lots of time with his niece Savannah—sometimes, it’s homework and sometimes it’s Monopoly. (Savannah always picks the horse, and Jason always picks the dog.) Jason’s also into darts—he and his sister will play whenever they find a restaurant with a board—as well as enjoying river and lake fishing for trout. He admits that he and his brother have a friendly rivalry when it comes to catching the biggest fish. And though he usually throws the trout back, he does have a passion for cooking. “A little bit of everything,” he says, but he says his specialties are homemade chicken noodle soup and chili. He won’t give away too many trade secrets, but he says he uses kidney beans and black beans too, and likes just the right amount of spice. And if Compendium ever does get around to the chili contest, he’s going to be stiff competition. “I’m not a sore winner,” he says, “I just don’t like to lose.”

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Jenn, Inventory / Systems Analyst

Jenn is very much at home in motion. She and her family moved to the U.S. from the Philippines when she was a child—a transition that gave her the confidence that she would always land on her feet. She moved to Boston two weeks after her eighteenth birthday, and has also called New York City home. After an epic road trip, she finally ended up in Seattle where she discovered sailing. When a friend invited her on a year-long sail from Seattle to Mexico, she couldn’t say no. They took turns hand-steering the whole way, from the rough waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the Sea of Cortez, and met her pup Agnes along the way. A highlight of the trip? Learning to swim one night in Puerto Vallarta after a picnic and a bonfire on the beach. “Now,” she says, “I can’t really imagine life without sailing.”

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Jessica, Designer

When Jessica’s husband Tom met her at the Rhode Island School of Design, it was love at first sight. And quite frankly, you couldn’t meet a more compatible pair. From making curry together to Jessica’s fear of spiders and Tom’s ability to fling them away as if they were never there, these newlyweds were made for each other. When she’s not creating her delicate and whimsical mixed-media illustrations full of birds, people and animals for our newest products, Jessica and Tom are creating music together. She’s the lead singer in their fake band, the Star Studlies, and his tone deafness doesn’t get in the way of Tom’s playing all the instruments. It’s one way of passing the rainy days away, a key element that Tom “forgot” to mention as they were moving back to his native state. Ahem.

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Jessica, Wholesale Account Manager

Jessica says she used to be a little more wild (sidenote: ask her about the matching tattoos she and her mother got), but now her heart belongs to Beatrice the Boston Frenchie, and Petunia the Pitbull. “They’re ridiculous,” she says. She and her husband Jamie even have conversations in the dogs’ voices. And it wasn’t too long before all the well-intentioned rules went out the window. We weren’t going to let the dogs in the bed, she admits, but then “we got cold.” Jess is game for adventures of all kinds, from honeymooning in Ireland to karaoke around town and volunteering at a local animal shelter, but she says her happy place is in bed watching Netflix with the dogs. She’s hoping for chickens and a vegetable garden someday soon, and wouldn’t say no to working as a dog rehabilitator. “Any chance I can get,” she says, “to help find more dogs a home.”

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Jill, Designer

Jill has been honing her signature design style almost all her life. At 5 years old, she drew a lanky Mr. Popper with a penguin on a leash, looking strikingly similar to the whimsical figures she creates today. She describes her signature look as “sketchbook stuff,” and she’s gained quite a following for her screen prints and posters with elegant and fanciful scenes featuring boats, balloons, and bicycles. Jill grew up in a small Connecticut town with lots of dirt roads, tempting fate on a go kart made from old lawnmower parts. She moved to Seattle in 2007 and now makes her home at the top of a hill that’s far too steep for go karts. When she isn’t making new designs and getting her hands covered in ink, Jill’s probably taking a walk around her neighborhood, hoping to catch a glimpse of her favorite French bulldog. If he ever goes missing, we’ll know where to look.

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While most accountants get pegged as being nerdy and solely number-driven, Jim is a hands-on improvement specialist. Whether it’s inventory processes or production schedules or kids’ bikes, he loves to figure out how to fix it. Mischievous and generous, Jim also has one of those under-the-radar senses of humor that make us all say, “Did you just say what we think you said?” While we appreciate his ability to mimic houseflies in meetings, we especially love that he’s enthusiastically getting products in and out the door. When he’s not working on cash flows, he’s rounding up his lovely wife and three kids to head down to their favorite family getaway in Cannon Beach, or to fish for trout, or plant a new garden or Japanese maple tree.

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Kim, Greeting Card Production & Fulfillment

Kim says her earliest memories are of Laos, and crossing the Mekong river to Thailand with her family, and eventually moving to the U.S. They settled in Florida first, though she now has siblings all over the country. Though Kim’s used to warm climates (Thanksgiving cookouts on the beach!) she and her husband are pretty happy calling the Pacific northwest home. They met at a drugstore where she worked (I got to know his schedule, she says with a laugh) and ended up going to college together. Now the two, along with their daughter Kaily, love to spend their weekends in the mountains, camping out, exploring, and off-roading in their Jeep. They might be roughing it a bit, but Kim brings some culinary expertise into the woods, with muffins baked in an orange rind over the coals. “It’s simple,” she says with characteristic humility, but it sounds like wizardry to us.

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Kirsten, Product Development Manager

Kirsten is our contact with the outside world. Especially with our reps. Lively, enthusiastic and amazingly talented with styling product shots, she’s brought enormous energy through the walkways and corridors of Compendium. Whenever we can’t find her at her desk talking with a rep, we know to holler for her outside. She loves it out there. It doesn’t matter if she’s snowboarding, boating, or waiting to board the next plane to anyplace warm, she’s up for the adventure. In fact, getting stung by a jelly fish in Mexico didn’t even faze her – it was an opportunity to use her high school Spanish. Along for the ride on her adventures is her husband Garrett. They met in their human anatomy class and she knew he was the one for her when he won “Most Marriageable.” It was his sense of fun and his willingness to do crazy stuff that won her heart.

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Kobi, President & CEO

Family is a big part of Kobi’s life. He can often be found covered in monkey stickers from his daughter Shale, or flying his son Ever in the air to get him to laugh. Laughter is a critical element in his life—to the point of chasing his wife around the house in a tickle fest. Here at Compendium, he often gets us all to do a double-take with his dry sense of humor and quick wit. What also makes us laugh is when he’s trying to get his heels on the ground when showing off his latest passion: yoga. He owes his stubborn hamstrings to his years of playing soccer, something that led to playing in an NCAA championship and his inclusion to the SDSU Hall of Fame. Now, though, he’s happy to continue working on his bungas, exploring the best restaurants in Seattle, and spending time with the loves of his life—his family.

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Ludylyn, Customer Service Specialist

Ludylyn and her siblings Ludymar, Lorielyn, and Ludyin all have names that combine their parents’ names. “At times, it gets confusing,” she admits, “especially when someone asks for Ludy.” They grew up in the Philippines where they spent their days playing volleyball on the white sand beaches and skating at the mall. “There was never a curfew,” she says. Here in the U.S., she says life is quieter, even with two kids. “Once they were born,” she says “they put everything into perspective.” Now, she and Domonique spend their weekends with Savannah and Domonique Jr., riding bikes, visiting the library, and having Sunday dinner with relatives. “My family always stays together, no matter what,” she says, “and that’s what I want for my kids too.”

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Madison, Material Handling & Fulfillment

“Family,” says Madison, “is the most important thing.” She’s one of four siblings, who all love to go on vacation fishing and four-wheeling together, and she has sixteen cousins in the area, with more who live further away. Even a simple birthday party is a major event, and the white elephant get-together at Christmas is even crazier. “Last year,” she admits with a laugh, “there may have been a fist fight.” Her son Mikael just turned two, and has already inherited what Madison calls her “huge love for turtles.” She and Mikael love going up to the nearby ice caves, mountain loops, and exploring lakes and waterfalls, but she’s been on a bit of a slowdown for the time being because she’s expecting her second child in just a few weeks! It’s a boy, who sounds like he’s in for a lifetime of adventure with aunts, uncles, and cousins and a huge extended family for company.

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Melissa, Customer Service Manager

Little Miss Millie-Sue-Who comes from a big, close-knit family of movie-goers. Every Friday night when she was growing up, they’d drag mattresses into the living room for a homegrown theatre and slumber party, complete with tubs of popcorn. These days, she lives with her sister and brother, and spends a lot of time with her nephews and niece. On weekends, they all head out to Sounders games, and holidays guarantee a crowd of at least twenty. Melissa is also an avid baker (constantly refining her recipe for the perfect macaroni and cheese), and a true fan of Shakespeare—especially A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Merry Wives of Windsor. Lately, her Kindle follows her everywhere. Free time is the perfect excuse to get herself back into the day’s classic of choice.

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Meredith, Chief Storyteller

Meredith has a true love of the woods, the ocean, and the salt marshes in between. She moved around a lot before settling on the west coast, and is still a true lover of spontaneous, solo travel. Anyplace that’s bike-able is fair game, especially if there are coastlines, open fields, or forests involved. She’s always been a reader and a writer, and her love for the written word has grown to encompass bookbinding and letterpress as well. On weekends when the weather is good, she’ll sit at the local farmers’ market with an old manual typewriter and write poetry on demand for passersby.

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Ramona, Production Floor Supervisor

Ramona is the fifth of seven children, so large family gatherings have always been a part of life. Her childhood Sunday dinners always saw a houseful of company, and her father would play guitar while everyone joined in and sang. “Johnny Cash, Marty Robins, Hank Williams—lots of country,” she says. Family is still the foundation for Ramona, and food is a big part of that. “I taught all my kids how to cook,” she says—“lasagna, enchiladas, tacos. We’re not afraid to try new things.” They’ll gather to watch Sounders games and create a meal from wherever the Sounders are playing—pulled pork for Houston, cheesesteaks for Philadelphia. And in between all the delicious cooking, she and her partner Josie focus on their ceramics business, creating everything from kitchenware to decorative planters and dishes, especially with the tiki designs her partner’s mother created decades ago. She and Josie are already teaching ceramics to the next generation. “That’s what families do,” she says. “That’s what we’re about.”

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Renée, Strategic Development Director

Renée’s big-hearted laughter might be the first clue that she’s from Missoula, Montana, where the skies are wide and the spaces are open. She grew up rafting, skiing, camping, and exploring the old ghost towns of the forgotten west. And when she moved out to Seattle for a job, it was an old friend from Montana who set her up on a blind date (right here in Fremont) with the man who would later become her husband. She walked into the restaurant, caught his gaze, and knew right away. By the time he proposed, on the longest wooden porch in the world, he’d been the love of her life for a while. These days, they have big plans to continue exploring the world, and have become certified sailors in the hopes that they might, someday, sail off together.

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Sarah, Senior Designer

One night Sarah went out dancing and was whipped around the dance floor by an experienced salsa dancer. She’d never had so much fun – she was hooked and immediately signed up for lessons. Throughout her life she’s been hooked by a number of things. As a kid, she collected a ton of Breyer horses, those plastic horses that look real, until her parents finally gave in and let her take riding lessons. They never saw her again. But Lucky Tattoo, Jam Master J and Mad Madame Min all had the pleasure of being part of Sarah’s lifelong love of riding. Another lifelong love? Thanks to her dad’s painting, she was inspired for a career in graphic design and illustration. It’s remained something she’s loved all these years later.

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Sheila, Project Manager

This woman loves a microphone. And while we haven’t yet purchased the office karaoke machine, she promises to be the first to try it out. Hailing from New York, Sheila is a lover of travel, a theater and arts nut, and a connoisseur of fine French dining. She’s lived the big city life in Chicago and Manhattan (where she first heard her future husband’s voice while on a phone line at the offices of The New Yorker magazine). They were married at the Rainbow Room. And when she and her husband had their daughter Sydney in 1997, it didn’t crimp their style—they brought her along on their globetrotting adventures. Although Seattle’s a quieter city, Sheila’s rising to new challenges—like learning how to drive, and tackling Compendium’s organizational and trafficking challenges with enthusiasm and persistence.

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Steve, Design Manager, National Accounts

Originally Steve wanted to be an architect, which explains why his design is generally more technical in nature than in his words, “artsy-fartsy.” He has been with Compendium since some of our earliest days. In fact, he can remember when he was still a technical illustrator for Boeing by day and moonlighting for us until the wee hours of the night. He’d fall asleep standing up or take a long lunchtime nap in his car. He’s pretty thankful now, though, that those days are long gone. Now he has the time to devote to his community, his friends, and most importantly to his wife Janet and their four children. If you get a chance, ask him why his kids all call him “Steamroller.”

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Tammy, Sales & Marketing Director

Tammy and her husband Dan are made for travel. They met in college and spent most of their twenties exploring and enjoying each other’s company before they got married. And, true to their beginnings, they still take a solid three-week vacation every few years to immerse themselves in a new place. One of their favorite memories is a Christmas vacation they spent in a rented RV on the California coast with their golden retriever Sangio for company. It was a vacation of so many little things—buying fresh fish at the market, cooking up a warming soup, hiking, wine tasting, and discovering great joy in simplicity. One of her most lasting pieces of travel wisdom? “The world over, we’re all people who want connections,” she says.

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Terry, Special Handling Production

“One thing you’ll find out about me,” says Terry, “is I’m easygoing.” And though that’s true, Terry has a way of leading people just the same. Growing up, he played king of the hill with the bigger kids, which earned him a lot of respect. He’s built businesses for himself, worked with innovative machinery at an Oregon logging company, and been voted “most likely to succeed” by groups of his peers. And anyone who knows him knows he can build absolutely anything. These days, people always come to him when they need someone to listen. He and his girlfriend Terri (“Yep. Terry and Terri,” he laughs) have seven kids between the two of them, and travel to visit them whenever possible. The two met on the 4th of July eight years ago and they’ve never even had a fight. “I waited a lifetime for this,” he says, and explains that the two just think the same way about things. “Find a way around it, that’s our way.” It sounds like it’s working beautifully.

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Tiffany, Design Manager, Marketing

Tiffany says she never expected to be an artist. She lived in England for a year, attending a bible school, and traveled around Italy, Austria, and Greece. She worked for a year before going back to school. Creativity runs in the family, though, and after a year of drawing classes, her teacher encouraged her to apply for a degree program. Lucky for us, she soon discovered that the symmetry, balance, and harmony of design work was everything she never knew she wanted. “In creativity,” Tiffany says, “there’s no clear direction except for the desire to keep trying new things.” A self-described irresponsible reader, she’s been known to lose herself in a book until 4 am—especially if it’s a historical fiction. With her cats Pickle and Sausage for company, she’s happily lost until just before sunrise.

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Tina, Production & Fulfillment

For Tina, family is everything. She and her husband Jason and their three kids get together with the grandparents, play cards, throw horseshoes, and just hang out on the deck. “It’s about visiting,” she says, and her kids love visiting the warehouse too, where they get a kick out of riding around on the forklift. Family traditions are important—they’ve gotten their picture with the same Santa Claus for thirteen years. “Even the dogs,” Tina says with a laugh. And when Tina talks about her dad, it’s clear that he’s where her ideas about family were created—“he’s my hero,” she says. He’s made beds, dressers, hope chests, and toy sets, and the whole family knows they can count on him for anything. In general, it’s clear that Tina feels pretty lucky whenever she gets to have family around. It’s like that time she and Jason pushed the “max bet” button at the casino and “well,” she says, “we won big.”

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Toni, Accounting Manager

Toni says her childhood was “definitely two worlds meshing together.” She grew up on five acres of wilderness and loved to bike around and explore the creek at the end of the road, but she and her sister also loved their tap and jazz dance classes. “I’d sit in a mud puddle, but I’d also put on a leotard,” she says. A sense of everyday adventure has always been close to Toni’s heart—exploring something new, noticing the fantastical in the everyday. Even if it’s just singing along with the radio on her drive home. And “superheroes,” she admits with a smile, “are big in my house.” She and her husband Blaine have passed that love on to their son Logan, whose name just happens to be inspired by the comic book character Wolverine. Whatever adventures Toni and her family seek out, from boating on the lake to Frisbee golf or just hanging out on the couch watching TV, “family is at the core,” she says. Even the X-Men would approve.

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Tote, Director of Operations

“Way back when Compendium got started,” says Tote, Kobi said “I’ll take care of tomorrow. You take care of today.” And that’s what he’s been doing for more than twenty years, taking us from the company’s small beginnings to where we are now. In between the serious stuff like inventory and processes, Tote spoils us all with chocolates, Hi-Chew, and his signature homemade sushi rolls (with lessons on the side!). “Everyone has a creative streak,” he says, “for me, it’s cooking and sushi.” Dinner is where he, wife Justi, and their boys Caden and Carson get to spend their time together. “Really, our home life revolves around soccer,” he says. Most days are all about practice and games, but Tote says some of his favorite times are the ones where they drive over the mountains, waterski and wakeboard and spend time together in a house Tote says “has everything we need.”

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Trisha, Production Coordinator

Trisha will be the first to admit her life often plays out a little like an episode of Seinfeld—with a bit of confusion and lots of situations that don’t have to happen the way they do. Such as the time she thought she was walking into an intro-level yoga class only to discover halfway through that she was actually in the expert-level “vinyasa power hour.” Or the time she managed to break the windshield of her rental car, miss her flight, and get to the airport only discover her gate was on TSA security shutdown. “It’s definitely me,” she says. “These things always happen to me.” Which is why, although she loves to travel, she often prefers to hunker down on the weekends with her boyfriend and her cat Sammy, watching Netflix, eating Thai takeout, and taking a much-needed break.

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Tyler, Material Handling & Fulfillment

One of the first things to know about Tyler is that he’s building a racecar in his garage. “I’ve been working on cars ever since I can remember,” he says, and it’s a third-generation passion because his father and grandfather (owner of a ’65 Harley) were both into cars and motorcycles too. Tyler grew up working with his Dad in the shed and out in the driveway, and they’ve gone on many a motorcycle road trip together. These days, Tyler and his girlfriend have a motorcycle, three cars, and one truck between them, but the racecar is still the pet project. This summer, he’s working on adding a roll cage, performance suspension parts, and more than just a little extra horsepower. “Is it legal?” we asked. “Well,” Tyler says, with just a moment’s hesitation, “essentially.”

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