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Celebrate the Love of Family

by Amelia · 11.27.2013

Thank You ThoughtFulls Boxed Set

Grandma is a Superhero Story Lines Book

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To Those Who Help & Serve

by Amelia · 10.24.2013

Fight On

Boxed Note Cards

Other Gifts and Books for Caregivers and Veterans

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Celebrate the Good Things

by Amelia · 09.17.2013

Celebrate: All-Occasion Guest Book

Be Happy ThoughtFulls Boxed Set


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Celebrating Friends & Laughter

by Amelia · 07.17.2013

Frank & Funny Cards

Lucky Us: (For Being Such Good Friends)

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Love & New Beginnings

by Amelia · 06.27.2013

2: How Will You Create Something Beautiful Together?

On This Day: A Book for My Bridesmaid


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Loving Who You Are

by Amelia · 05.22.2013

10: What's on Your Top 10 List?

Her Words Composition Books

Live Good.

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Find the Good That's All Around You

by Amelia · 04.11.2013

Happily Grateful

7: How Many Days of the Week Can be Extraordinary?

Welcome, Baby!

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Show Appreciation to Your Friends & Family

by Amelia · 03.27.2013

Take a little time to show your gratitude to the people who make your world brighter every day--your friends and family.

Live This Day: A Birthday Book

Lunch Mail

Mom & Dad Photo Frames

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Show Appreciation to Your Community

by Amelia · 03.04.2013





Your community supports you and creates your world. Say thank you to those all around you with random acts of kindness and gratitude!

"Doing good and feeling good are connected." Write Now Journal

Thanks Window Cards

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The Little Things

by Miriam · 02.12.2013

As part of my practice in living the Thankful Life project, I've been trying to pay attention to all the small things that bring me joy. Every night I make a list of the things I was grateful for that day: a hot cup of coffee, clean clothes to keep me warm, a coworker's compliment, my daughter's squeal of delight when her dad tickles her belly, and, of course, a comfortable bed with blankets to snuggle up with.

Throughout the day, I take note of things to add to my list. This past week, I was walking in Wallingford near our office when I discovered something that made me smile: a small wooden house perched on top of a pole in the middle of a neighbor's yard.

Underneath the house, there was a sign that read "Little Free Library," and inside of the house was a small collection of books free for the taking. My heart leapt with glee--what a wonderful surprise!

When I returned to our office, I grabbed a copy of our book What Makes You Smile? and wrote a note of gratitude inside the cover.

I ran back to the little wooden house and tucked the book inside next to Temple Grandin and Ivan Doig in the hopes that someone else will discover the simple joys in life and find gratitude in the small things.

Thank you to the Little Free Library for adding to my Thankful Life!

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