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Thank Her for Being a Friend This Galentine’s Day

by Compendium · 01.30.2019

What female friendships have meant the world to you? Which women lift your spirits simply through their presence? Good girlfriends can be one of life’s greatest gifts—and Galentine’s Day is a fun opportunity to recognize these ladies for the difference they make. Celebrated on February 13, this joyful holiday is dedicated to showing gratitude to the women who add something wonderful to every day. 

Here are a few festive ways you can make Galentine’s Day special for the women in your life: 

Send a handwritten card.
Add a little delight to a girlfriend’s mailbox with a card straight from the heart. Let her know that her late night phone calls always make your day. Or thank her for her constant wisdom and grace. Reflect on all the ways your friend’s light shines bright and write them in a note she can hold on to for years to come. 

Plan a gathering of friends.
Galentine’s Day is a great time for a brunch get-together, a game night, or an afternoon coffee date. Call up a few ladies and invite them to share a bit of quality time. Use the opportunity to shower them with your love and create the kind of memories that only great girlfriends can. 

Sprinkle happiness throughout the day.
Perhaps there’s a barista who shines from within? Or someone at your gym who always puts a smile on your face? Galentine’s Day is for acknowledging these women too, for showing gratitude to those who brighten your day and may not even know it. Tuck a few ThoughtFulls or playful Valentine’s Day cards into your purse and share cheer wherever you go.

Remind a child how special she is.
There’s something beautiful about girls seeing women celebrate other women. Dedicate this Galentine’s Day to a niece, a daughter, a neighbor, or a mentee. Share an inspiring children’s book. Or give her a bit of encouragement for the day ahead. And celebrate all that she is and all that she’s becoming.

How will you spend Galentine’s Day this year? Fill this February 13 with love, gratitude, and encouragement as you honor all the women you feel lucky to know. 

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Who is she?

by Meredith · 10.13.2011

You know her. Her spirit is the first thing people notice. Her mind always had a mind of its own. Her heart, though it has sometimes been hurt, bears a strong resemblance to a daffodil: it always flowers again.

We know her, too. She's the sister who follows her heart, the mother who lives such a beautiful example, the friend who's a constant source of inspiration. She's the coworker who brightens everything around her, and the neighbor who always knows when to stop by with a surprise. She's vibrant and spirited; she's brilliant and strong. And when we started thinking about it, we realized there are so many women like her that we set to work on a book that would celebrate and affirm these women and the wonderful things they add to the everyday.

Writer M.H. Clark and designer Heidi Rodriguez created I Am Her with their own favorite women in mind—mothers, sisters, best friends. They wanted the book to feel like a collection of ideas and beautiful things—a scrapbook of poetry, quotations, and images to prompt contemplation, creativity, and growth. It's a book to read, a book to write in, a book to ponder, and a book to share.

We're so excited about this book that we're giving away copies to five lucky winners who tell us who she is, and why she matters so much. Is she traveling the world? Is she making big changes in her life? Is she a bit of a dreamer, a dancer, a truth-teller? Nominate her here on our blog, or on our Facebook page. Just make sure to tell us about her by November 1, 2011 at 11:59 pm PST. Five lucky winners will receive two copies of I Am Her—one to give away to the person they nominate, and one to keep!

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