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Guest Blogger: Why The Tooth Fairy Kit is So Much More Than the Tooth Fairy!

by Miriam · 09.12.2017

The most magical thing about your child losing their first tooth is not the Tooth Fairy. It’s in the process of losing that tooth. The anticipation. The mystery.

And most of all, the rainbow of feelings for the parent and child. My daughter, River, just lost her first tooth after six long weeks of wiggling. She was excited, nervous, frustrated, scared, amazed, curious, and brave. And the thing that helped us through it all was The Tooth Fairy Kit.

The kit has everything you need to go along on this new adventure: a journal to record the story of each lost tooth, a tooth pillow with a pocket for tucking in lost teeth, and an illustrated book about Lunette, the Tooth Fairy.

Every family has their own unique tradition with the Tooth Fairy. Pinterest alone will show you how to make special, glittery Tooth Fairy coins and print Tooth Fairy certificates. As wonderful as these ideas are, they don’t actually focus on the emotions surrounding losing your first tooth. Or the six weeks of waiting!

As soon as River noticed her loose tooth, I gave her The Tooth Fairy Kit. It made the moment much more meaningful for both of us to sit and read Lunette, the True Story of the Tooth Fairy for the first time, write her name in her Tooth Journal, and snuggle her new star pillow.

For the following weeks, she took her star pillow everywhere. She took it to the grocery store.

She tucked it in her cubby at school. “In case my tooth falls out and my teacher doesn’t have a bag for it, Mom.”

She cradled it between her palms at bedtime.

And everywhere she went, she announced, “I have a loose TOOTH!” And proudly displayed her pillow, explaining how she will put her tooth in the pocket when it pops out. She shared smiles with dozens of people over those six weeks.

She also got frustrated that her tooth wasn’t falling out yet! She would forget to wiggle it some days, and the tooth would tighten its grip in her gums. Then at night as we read books in bed, she’d twist and push it so much we’d ask her to stop so she could pay attention to the story.

She’d also cry when she was tired, saying she would miss her tooth when it was gone. She told me she was afraid it would hurt a lot when it fell out.

Her impatience and fear were relieved whenever she took her Tooth Journal out to read all about teeth and how and why they fall out. She carefully filled in her Tooth Tracker in the journal, circling her tooth on the chart and practicing writing Lunette’s name next to her portrait.

River’s tooth eventually did fall out, in the middle of the afternoon, just as I was reaching to take a “before” picture of her smile. She looked up at me with wide eyes and started to cry and laugh all at once. And I held back my own tears mixed with bittersweet joy and pride. 


That night, River left a note asking the Tooth Fairy to leave her tooth in her star pillow so that she wouldn’t have to miss it. And the next morning after she discovered a dollar bill AND her tooth still tucked inside her pillow, she believed.

Lunette’s story centers on being brave, clever, and kind. As a fairy, that was her achievement. As a child losing her first tooth, that’s just what River was. And as the perfect companion for a childhood rite of passage, that’s just what The Tooth Fairy Kit is.

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5 Simple Ways to Spread Joy

by Rumi · 07.28.2017

Making a meaningful impact can be as simple as using our everyday words in a creative way: a thoughtful comment, an unexpected note, or even a charming gift tag can truly brighten someone's day and make a difference. And it’s so rewarding to surprise and delight the people we love and care about.

Our gifts and cards offer many thoughtful, easy, and playful possibilities for sharing fun messages with family and friends. Here are five of our favorite ways to spread a little joy.


1. Tie one to a bottle.
Are you bringing a bottle of wine to a dinner with friends? A one-of-a-kind gift tag can transform this simple gift into a beautifully meaningful one, and the effort will only take a few extra minutes. Our On Words cards feature bright sentiments and plenty of room to express appreciation for the good times ahead. Your friends will savor your kind words long after the meal is over.

2. Slip one into luggage.
Time apart can become a special occasion to write to someone you normally see every day. Next time a loved one leaves town without you, try slipping a card (or two or three) into their luggage. Whether they’re leaving for an extended business trip or sleepaway summer camp, they’ll be delighted to discover a message from your heart when they arrive at their destination. With so many inspiring quotations and vibrant designs to choose from, you’ll find a card that’s just right from our Positively Green line.    


3. Put one in the mail.
One of the most classic ways of saying “I’m thinking of you” is through a vacation postcard, and with so much communication happening digitally, handwritten words delivered by postal mail is now more enjoyable than ever to receive. On your next getaway, toss a set of our Send These postcards into your bag—even if you’re just travelling to the neighborhood coffee shop—and share these bright messages with friends and family.

4. Place one on a desk.
Consider acknowledging your quietly hardworking coworker, the one who comes through for the team again and again and add this fun twist. Keep the note anonymous and leave it on their desk! This deserving person just might be glowing for days, wondering who took the time to plan the sweet surprise. Our Yes, You cards are a perfect way to deliver a little message with a lot of heart.

5. Add one to your tip.
Perhaps you visit the same café or take-out restaurant often. Does the barista or server make you feel like family? On your next visit, you can return the warmth by adding a small pop-open card to their tip. If you carry around one of our ThoughtFulls in your bag, your gratuity can include a spontaneous surprise message with sincere gratitude.

Try out these simple gestures, and you’ll come up with even more opportunities for finding and spreading joy in your life. We’d love to hear how our products are inspiring you to share positivity in surprising ways with others. Email us at and tell us what amazing discoveries you’ve made!

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Giggle, Burble, and Bubble Along with Recess Monkey and Dive In!

by Rondi · 07.25.2017

Calling all explorers! We’re excited to share a peek inside one of our illustrated children’s books, Dive In!: A Topsy-Turvy-Say-It-Out-Loud Underwater Adventure. Written by the acclaimed family music band and Grammy Awardnominated Recess Monkey, and illustrated by Rob McClurkan, this book offers hilarious, interactive fun for the whole family.

Dive In! follows famous explorer Sir Sebastian Stockingbottomham on an underwater adventure, alongside a blobfish named Burt and his sidekick Crab ready to make readers laugh like they’ve never laughed before. Each page invites the whole family to share in the fun by following interactive read-aloud prompts, talk like they’re underwater, and take part in some very silly shenanigans as they move the book (and themselves!) up, down, and all around!

We recently had the opportunity to talk with the authors, Recess Monkey’s Jack Forman and Drew Holloway, about their inspiration for the book, and what it’s like being a part of a high-energy, highly acclaimed family rock band. Let’s dive in and see what they had to say! 

Q&A with Jack Forman and Drew Holloway of Recess Monkey

Where did your inspiration for Dive In! come from?

Jack: We met 17 years ago teaching at the same school here in Seattle and really have learned a lot about how to follow a kid’s lead. That’s translated to our albums and shows at Recess Monkey, where we’re constantly translating the things that make kids laugh into our creations. The book was a natural extension of listening to what gets kids excited!

Drew: Play and humor are important parts of our work as both teachers and musicians. Whether it’s a classroom of kids or an audience, there’s always an opportunity for a spirited back and forth. Dive In! is like that. It’s an invitation to play, laugh and participate. And there’s also a blobfish, we knew it needed a blobfish!

Tell us about the main character in this story. How did Sir Sebastian Stockingbottomham come about?

Jack: We were laughing about how Jacques Cousteau was the smoothest explorer who ever explored… and wanted to see nature through the eyes of a distant, much less qualified, relative. His name to us just screams pomp and circumstance, but maybe without ever having actually read a book about underwater life.

Drew: He definitely has never read a book about underwater life.

Is this your first book? What made you decide to write a children’s book?

Jack: It is our first book! We’ve written hundreds of narratively based songs and it’s always a challenge to squeeze an entire story into the confines of a three-minute song. We’ve long loved the process of telling stories visually in music video form, but have always wanted to explore written fiction.

Drew: Writing and performing music are Recess Monkey’s main charges but what truly drives us is being creative and trying new things. Creativity is essential, a basic need for us. The book was an opportunity to stretch ourselves.

Is there anything that surprised you during the process of creating this book?

Jack: We were excited about playing with the form of the book itself, imagining how kid readers would play with it as the book was read aloud to them.

Drew: Spoiler alert: I couldn’t believe it when the tables turned on Sir Sebastian! I didn’t see that coming.

What do you think kids and adults will enjoy most about this book?

Jack: Our biggest goal was to give the reader enough cues to become a read-aloud superstar: funny voices, silly rhythms, and a game-like quality to the story. We’ve been teaching for a long time and read-aloud is one of our favorite parts of the school day: such a fun and important way to connect with a story on the inside.

Drew: It’s hard to pick just one thing! A great cartoon has different levels for different viewers. We feel like there’s a lot going on in the story both in the words and the visuals to delight everyone who picks the book up.

How did the band get its name: Recess Monkey? 

Jack: It’s a joke, a play on the rhesus monkey.

Drew: We love the whole school day, but there’s something about recess!

Tell us about a day in the life of Recess Monkey. 

Jack: We work really hard, but balance what we do between creative time and live shows. Summertime tends to be our busiest live season, when we play the bulk of our live performances. Through the rest of the year, as the school calendar picks up, we write and record songs, make music videos, and play shows on weekends. We’re really lucky to always have exciting things on the horizon.

Drew: A Recess Monkey day can be pretty action-packed. When we’re together we try to get a lot accomplished. Playing live and interacting with families is the bulk of our work and super rewarding. It’s nice that most days we’re home for dinner with our family units.

Drew Holloway and Jack Forman

You’ve released over a dozen albums since 2005—wow! What are your favorites out of the bunch?

Jack: Altogether, it’s been 13 albums, and just over 200 songs! I’m always most excited about whatever we’re working on right now, but after an album “rests” for three years or so, I’m able to listen to it with very little memory of what the recording process was actually like. It suddenly becomes like I’m listening to another band’s album.

Drew: It’s hard to pick a favorite! They’re like our children. While they all sound like us, each record is different in a way. If pressed, I might pick Desert Island Disc, the companion to Deep Sea Diver. It has some amazing musical moments, swirling strings, and ukuleles.

What’s next for Recess Monkey?

Jack: Now that we’ve taken our most recent album Novelties to the Grammys, we’re suddenly thinking ahead to our next collection of songs.

That’s the question we’re always asking ourselves. It just keeps getting more fun to ponder!

Want to catch Recess Monkey live? They’re performing all over Washington state this summer! Check out a list of tour dates here. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

For more details on Dive In!,* visit our website.

*Disclaimer: not suitable for quiet bedtime. Check pockets for sand after reading. May cause reader to change name to Jacques.

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The Girl Who Ran: Inspiration for Girls, Women, and Risk Takers Everywhere

by Ruth · 07.12.2017

It’s incredible to look back and realize that as recently as the 1960s—within living memory—women weren’t allowed to take part in official races longer than 1.5 miles and that the world believed it was impossible women could ever run the Boston Marathon. 

It was a woman named Bobbi Gibb who proved the world wrong. 

We’re honored to share Bobbi’s story in our new illustrated children’s book. The Girl Who Ran is a stunning tribute to Bobbi as well as inspiration for people of all ages to follow their dreams, no matter who is telling them “no.”

When Bobbi Gibb first saw the Boston Marathon she knew she had to be a part of it. She trained hard, but when the time came to apply, she was refused entry. They told Bobbi girls don’t run, girls can’t run. That didn’t stop her. “I knew I had to run Boston,” Bobbi says “to show what women could do.”

The odds were stacked against Bobbi. Even basic athletic clothing was hard to come by. With no women’s running shoes available, Bobbi purchased a pair designed for boys. To try and blend in at the marathon, she put on her brother’s Bermuda shorts and wore a shapeless hoodie. 

Despite her disguise, the other participants soon realized Bobbi was a woman—and they voiced their support. “We won’t let anyone throw you out,” one said to her, “it’s a free road.” The wider world may have dismissed Bobbi’s dream and her love of long-distance running, but her fellow marathon runners understood both. As the starred Kirkus review for The Girl Who Ran notes, “[Bobbi’s] story speaks to not only women’s fight for equality, but the power of community.” 

Our authors, Frances Poletti and Kristina Yee, worked alongside Bobbi to retell the story of her amazing, boundary-breaking run. They chose a strong rhythm and refrain for the book that echoes the feeling of running, and touches on the title of Bobbi’s own memoir, Wind in the Fire.

She ran further and further, and she ached and perspired,
 and the world whooshed on by, like the wind in the fire.

Our illustrator, Susanna Chapman, lives locally to Boston and attends the marathon every year to cheer on the participants. In 2016 she took her art materials along with her to sketch the runners and make studies for The Girl Who Ran

Susanna’s illustrations are bright and energetic, and beautifully capture the emotions of Bobbi’s journey as well as the fluidity of running—and the joy.

Her illustrations for the book culminate with a stunning gatefold that opens to show a wordless image of Bobbi triumphantly crossing the finish line—and making history.

In 1966, Bobbi finished the race with a time of 3:21:40, ahead of about half the men who were running. Today, more than 50 percent of runners in the USA are women, with over 12,000 running the Boston Marathon every year. And it all started with Bobbi and other pioneers like her. “…the advice I’d give to young people about shaping the future is to follow your dreams,” says Bobbi, “and do what you most passionately feel needs doing.”

We hope you will be inspired by the story of Bobbi Gibb. Of how she broke the rules. Of how her story offers an inspiring message for women and young girls today—to overcome challenges and discover what they’re made of. And of how, one step at a time, Bobbi changed the world for all of us.

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IPPY Gold Awarded to Our Stunning Children’s Book, You Belong Here

by Amelia · 05.23.2017

Bedtimes are for quiet snuggles and soft kisses—and perhaps a book or two (or three!). With You Belong Here, families have a beautiful—and award-winning—classic to add to their nighttime routine.   

“The stars belong in the deep night sky, and the moon belongs there too,
and the winds belong in each place they blow by,
and I belong here with you.”

Richly illustrated with a soft rhyming verse, each page offers a sensory delight and a beautiful message of belonging. And last month it received Gold at the Independent Publisher Book Awards. Conducted annually, “the IPPYs” honor the year’s best independently published titles from around the world. Now in its 21st year, the 2017 contest drew more than 5,000 entries for 83 categories—with You Belong Here awarded for the Children’s Picture Books (7 & Under) category. It’s a wonderful testament to the significance this title offers to families and their little ones.

“My deepest hope with this title is that it offers comfort, reassurance, and a sense of belonging to everyone who encounters it,” says award-winning author M.H. Clark.

Inside, readers will find charming glimpses into different animals’ homes—from birds and whales to lizards and bees—each noting that this is where each creature belongs. Paced throughout, you’ll also see different human homes and cities, with lyrical words that speak directly to the child.

“Lovingly constructed, reliable rhymes, with pleasing pendular swings, might cause listeners to hug themselves tightly and smile,” notes a starred Kirkus Review. “One could easily improvise a quick melody and sing these words as a lullaby.”

The book’s illustrator, Isabelle Arsenault, is an internationally recognized artist, winning such prestigious awards as the Governor General’s Award for Children’s Literature. “I approach each of my books in a different way. Each text invokes a particular universe, and I endeavor to grasp it by adapting my techniques, my renderings and my graphical approach to each project,” said Arsenault in a Picturebook Makers blog.

Arsenault’s work is a combination of ink and watercolor, and for You Belong Here, she created animals that often appear white with light details amid rich backgrounds. The reason for this is found at the end, with a puzzle being shown put together by a child—which offers a delightful second read for the child to flip back through the book to rediscover all of the “missing pieces.” 

“I think the sense of belonging is so critical to all of us,” says Clark. “It’s one of our biggest emotional needs as human beings—to feel that we are where we belong to be, and are loved and accepted there. I hope this book helps people to access that feeling of comfort and acceptance, no matter how old they are.”

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Celebrate Earth Day with the Care for Our World App

by Angeline · 04.17.2017

With Earth Day just a few days away, we’re excited to share a new way for children to explore the natural world and learn more about the creatures that call Earth home. Independent game studio Sunbreak Games has released Care for Our World, an interactive children’s book app based on our award-winning illustrated title.

This fully animated story takes kids on a charming tour of habitats from every corner of the world, naming the many plants and animals that we share the planet with. This app also has several fun features: children can create their own custom habitats by choosing animals and backgrounds, color select pages from the book, and learn more through the Animal Encyclopedia.

We recently had the chance to talk with Jason Behr, the creative director and founder of Sunbreak Games, about how he turned Care for Our World from a picture book into an animated adventure.

Q&A with Jason Behr, Creator of the Care for Our World App 

How did the Care for Our World App come about? What was your inspiration?

I discovered Care for Our World while browsing a local Seattle-area bookstore with my young son. With a positive environmental message and exceptional artwork, it became an instant family favorite read every night… so I approached Compendium about using our game development background to bring it to life on iPads.

Do you have a favorite scene from the book?

One of my personal favorites is the safari scene. I love how much movement we could bring to the page, with all the characters laughing and dancing and swinging. It’s so happy and energetic, which really captures the spirit of the book.

What is your favorite part of the app development process?

One of my favorite parts of designing an app like Care for Our World is figuring out how to make a unique experience that goes beyond the original material, and really justifies the leap to digital. In this case, it was more than just adding animation, music, and sound to the book, it was also building new coloring and playset modes that let readers create their own content. 

What do you hope families learn from this app?

I hope this app helps families in the digital age reflect on their relationship to the natural world, with its loving story. But I’m particularly proud that we added a brand new encyclopedia feature that goes a step further, and gives kids the opportunity to directly learn from real-world facts, photos, and sounds.

Have your children seen the app and what was their reaction? Did you incorporate their input in the app?

My son was the inspiration for starting the project, so it only made sense that he was also my tester! He’s mesmerized by how animals react with animations and sounds, and tries to find every one on each page. I think the biggest thing I learned from working with kids like my son is that smaller children use their fingers and recognize iconography differently than adults, which led to lots of adjustments in our menus and coloring mode, for example. 

What is your favorite animal?

My favorite animal in the book is the blue whale. It’s amazing to me to imagine that swimming out in our oceans right now is the biggest animal that’s ever lived on the planet, even bigger than the dinosaurs!

The Care for Our World App ($2.99) is now available for iPad at the iTunes store.

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What Do You Do With an Idea? Inspires Students to Sing

by Rondi · 04.14.2017

Since its release in 2014, our book What Do You Do With an Idea? has inspired thousands of people—kids and adults, students and educators, entrepreneurs, and creative minds all around the world. And we have loved hearing about all of the different ways new ideas have been brought to life because of this book.

This year, the students of Centennial Elementary in Olympia, Washington, created an inspiring song based on our book!

In January, Centennial students read and discussed What Do You Do With an Idea? in connection with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and were encouraged to think of the dreams and ideas they had that would make the world a better place. Each class shared their ideas and talked about ways to make them grow. The biggest idea they came up with was to write a song based on our book and about their individual ideas. After writing the song, they created an amazing music video to go along with it. With the help of music and P.E. teacher Jana Gedde, the students wrote the verses, came up with their own choreography and artwork, and recorded all of the singing. “These kids are so inspirational!” said Jana. “I am constantly moved by their amazing creativity and their passion for changing the world.”

Click below to watch the video and hear the wonderful voices of these incredible students.


We were so inspired by these students that we visited their school to congratulate them in person for their work. We joined them for “Friday Sing,” a biweekly celebration where the entire school gathers together to sing, dance, be silly, and recognize special achievements. Nearly 600 students and staff members welcomed us, each wearing gold crowns to represent all of the creativity and unique ideas that each person brings to the world. The hallways were decorated with beautiful artwork representing each student’s ideas, and many colorful welcome signs made us feel special.

This particular “Friday Sing” was especially exciting, as the school was celebrating the end of their Reading Month. “We just wrapped up our reading month, and we had a goal of reading 200,000 minutes as a school,” said Shannon Ritter, Centennial’s principal. “And we blew past that goal—we read over 300,000 minutes, which is amazing!” It also happened to be Character Day, so many students and teachers were dressed as their favorite book character—and we even saw some Idea eggs come to life.

During the assembly, we were honored to hear a live performance of their original song, and Kobi Yamada, author and Compendium president, had the opportunity to do a Q&A with the students. “Thank you all so much. That was such a beautiful song—you don’t know what it means to me,” said Kobi. “It gives me hope to know there are kids like you in the world working to make it a much, much better place.” To thank them for their song, Kobi presented the school with signed copies of What Do You Do With an Idea? for every student, teacher, and staff member.

We are always thrilled to hear about how our products are inspiring others, and it was such an honor to be a part of this special day. Centennial Elementary’s music video is an amazing example of how a single idea can turn into something much bigger. Thank you, Centennial Elementary, for making the world a better place, one idea at a time!

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Introducing In Other Words… Our Newest Greeting Card Line

by Ruth · 02.13.2017

Words can lift us up, comfort us, make us smile; they have the power to show us how much we’re loved and appreciated by others. And at Compendium, we know that finding the right words to share at the right time is important. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to In Other Words…

We’ve only recently released these cards and they’re already a big hit! Here’s just one of the reactions we’ve received:

“When I started reading through the In Other Words… cards, I felt like, ‘Yes, I finally found the cards I’ve been looking for!’ …I’m in love with these cards. Reading through the In Other Words… catalog, for me, was like finding out the next book to your favorite story is coming out.” – Laura, Seattle, WA

And the inspiration for the line? It all started with an idea by Compendium’s CEO and president, Kobi Yamada. “We wanted to showcase creative storytelling in a way that was portable and fun to give,” says Kobi. “Our goal was to create cards that didn’t just surprise, delight, and entertain, but cards that also connected, encouraged, and inspired.”

Here are just a few of the special things that go into the making of our In Other Words… cards:

Wit with Big Heart

Our talented writers have crafted inspiring sentiments with smart, unexpected humor for a wonderful blend of playfulness, sincerity, and spirit. Every card has a warm, unique voice and is filled with a love of the written word.

Quality Design

“We didn’t just want to highlight great writing, we wanted to celebrate it,” says Kobi. The cards are printed on quality textured papers for a handcrafted feel, while the bright colors and simple, clean designs perfectly highlight the wit and whimsy of the words.

Community Spirit

A percentage of every card’s purchase goes to organizations that promote literacy and support readers of the future. And, like all of our greeting cards, In Other Words… is printed responsibly in the United States on FSC®-certified recycled paper.

We’re thrilled that these cards are getting such a positive response, and we look forward to hearing what you think. “In other words,” says Kobi, “we hope you are going to love these new cards as much as we do!” 

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Compendium's Holiday Gift Guide

by Rondi · 12.01.2016

The holidays are here! And now is the time to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. From keepsake journals to illustrated children’s books, we’ve come up with a wonderful collection of items that will bring joy and inspiration to everyone on your list.

Record and reflect on the magic of the holidays with these seasonal favorites.


Discover our entire collection of winter holiday gifts here.

Celebrate family with thoughtful gifts that will be cherished for years to come.

Find all of our gifts for kids and families here.

Inspire joy and wonder with the little ones in your life. 

See our entire collection of gifts for kids here

Add a thoughtful touch to holiday gift giving with these small items that have a lot of heart. 

Shop all of our gifts under $10 here


We wish you a bright and beautiful season full of joy, inspiration, and wonder.


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Our Two Best-Selling Children's Books Continue to Encourage and Inspire!

by Rondi · 07.29.2016

It’s been a wonderful year at Compendium, and we have some exciting news we’d love to share with you! Our children’s books What Do You Do With an Idea? and What Do You Do With a Problem? have made the New York Times best seller list! We are honored and delighted to see both of these books reaching, encouraging, and inspiring so many people. And there are even more incredible things happening—read on to discover more!



Released in summer 2016, What Do You Do With a Problem? has already hit the New York Times best seller list and is receiving rave reviews! This inspiring book is the follow-up to What Do You Do With an Idea?—and tells the story of a persistent problem and the child who isn’t sure what to make of it. Created by award-winning author Kobi Yamada and illustrator by Mae Besom, Problem has also hit the Publisher’s Weekly best seller list and received a gold Mom’s Choice Award!

“We all have problems. I know I certainly do. And maybe we don’t always deal with our problems in the best way. We tend to avoid them and hope they just go away,” said Yamada. “I wrote What Do You Do With a Problem? because I wanted to encourage children to face their problems and to look for the good in them. I believe that every problem brings gifts, and these gifts can help us to learn about ourselves and to grow as people.” 



Since What Do You Do With an Idea? was published in 2014, it has not only inspired children to embrace their bright ideas but it has also motivated educators, entrepreneurs, and creative minds to share its message with the world. 

From Idea to Movie

What Do You Do With an Idea? will soon inspire even more people across the country. We are pleased to announce that the book is being turned into a movie! The talented team at Film Roman, in cooperation with Compendium, is adapting the book into an animated short film! We will provide updates about this project as details are confirmed—stay tuned! 

Encouraging the Arts

The Inlet Dance Theater in Cleveland, Ohio, is adapting the book into a beautiful dance performance, set to premiere live in late 2017. Inlet hopes to enrich the lives of both their dancers and audiences through all of their performances, and we can’t wait to see this story come to life off the pages!

Inspiring Students 

Across the country, teachers from elementary schools to universities are not only embracing What Do You Do With an Idea?, but they are also using it as a learning tool in the classroom. Brigadoon Elementary in Federal Way, Washington, has used the book to encourage and empower students to share their ideas and help them grow into something tangible. They use an “idea egg” during circle time; whoever holds the egg has an opportunity to speak freely, while everyone else listens. This practice has encouraged both the teachers and students to be more intentional in listening and valuing each other’s thoughts and ideas. 

The book is also resonating well with adults—businesses such as GE and Google are offering it to encourage employees, and friends are sharing it to encourage loved ones to believe in their dreams. Many people are also giving the book as a graduation gift, comparing it to classic titles such as The Giving Tree and Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Winning Awards

What Do You Do With an Idea? has won several gold awards, including the Independent Publishers Book Award, the Washington State Book Award, and the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, among several others. 

We are honored that these books have been recognized with such wonderful accolades, but we are even more pleased that they have resonated with so many people—and continue to inspire new ideas every day. We can’t wait to see what happens next! And if you are interested in learning more from the author, click this link to hear about his inspiration behind these stories and how they came to be! 

Have these books inspired or encouraged you? We’d love to know! Share your stories with us by emailing!

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