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A Healthy Childhood Creates a Healthy Future!

by Amelia · 05.15.2013

You may have heard that a recent article in the Journal of Pediatrics deemed childhood obesity a national epidemic. Sadly, one third of all children born in the year 2000 or after will suffer from diabetes at some point in their lives—and that many others will face chronic obesity-related health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and asthma. That is, if broad lifestyle changes aren’t made—including diet and, most importantly, exercise.

From the First Lady’s Let’s Move Campaign to the Center for Disease Control, we’re hearing that the best defense against this health epidemic is 60 minutes of exercise every day. Here at Compendium, we want to show kids that those minutes can be FUN, inspiring a lifetime of healthy living, which is why we’re offering a special promotion for our popular Boogie Monster Dance Kit: a 40% off coupon when you purchase the kit online!

This family-friendly kit inspires kids to get up, get moving, and get dancing! Parents and grandparents can read aloud while the little ones dance along with the loveable Boogie Monster—a fluffy creature sent to Earth from Planet Boogie whose only mission is to inspire kids to dance, dance, dance! Boogie Monster teaches kids that there’s no right or wrong way to dance. In the process, kids build confidence and learn that exercising can be fun. Each kit includes the Boogie Monster book, a pair of Boogie Monster Boogie Legs (one size fits most kids), and a Boogie Monster Boogie music CD.

Looking for more ways to inspire children to move? Check out these websites!

* U.S. domestic website orders only. Check your local bookstore for Boogie Monster and other inspiring gifts. Boogie Monster and its products are not officially affiliated with the Let’s Move! campaign.

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Here’s to Bright Futures and Bold Dreams!

by Amelia · 05.06.2013

Graduation is an exciting time. The future is full of unknowns, possibilities, and new graduates are hopeful to reach their true potential. Reward all of their hard work with gifts that will give them fuel for the road ahead. For college graduates, fill a candy jar with Pay Days and 100 Grands as a cheerful way to say congrats. Or perhaps give a jar filled with candy that ties into their major, such as Lifesavers for med or nursing school graduates, Symphony chocolate bars for musicians, or Milky Ways for astronomy majors. Or simply gather lots of their favorite type of treats! Another idea for high school graduates or those going on to even higher education is a tea variety pack with teas geared toward stress relief, sleeping well, and mental clarity. Perhaps an easy, simple recipe cookbook to keep their energy up? Or help them define their goals with bestselling, interactive journaling books 5: Where Will You be Five Years from Today? or 10: What’s on Your Top 10 List? Whatever you choose, they’re sure to appreciate your tokens of good luck for their new journey ahead!

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Give Thanks to Mom for Her Lifetime of Love

by Amelia · 04.25.2013

It’s hard to imagine life without the gifts she’s given you. Mother’s Day is the time to say thank you for her lifetime of love and support, and to honor the memories you’ve shared. Photographs, especially, are a special way to honor her and your joyful memories together. Here are a few creative ways to incorporate photos into meaningful Mother’s Day keepsakes she can treasure throughout the year:

  • Place a photo on the inside of a mason jar or vase for a special dinner centerpiece or a pretty addition to a window sill. Include several secret messages inside dedicated to her.
  • Make a personalized pillow by printing a photo onto iron-on transfer paper and iron onto a pillow that has her favorite colors.
  • Create an old-fashioned greeting card by simply using a little glue, construction paper, and a special photograph. Frame the image with an alternate material, such as lace or ribbon, and include a special message inside.
  • Use one image or several to wrap around the base of a pretty potted plant.
  • Tuck a photo into the cover of Dear Mom, a beautifully illustrated book that features heartfelt quotations honoring motherhood and family.

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Another Inspired Ambassador

by Angeline · 04.19.2013

Compendium's ambassadors are a group of bloggers, students, mothers, artists, business consultants, and travelers who never fail to surprise us with the creative ways they're spreading Compendium's message of living inspired with friends, family, and even strangers.

Today, I'd like to introduce Rochelle. She describes herself as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. She's also a writer, and a lover of words, people, stories, pens, paper, and music.

When we asked Rochelle what inspires her, she said she's always up for good news, encouraging stories, beauty, smiles, eyes, laughing, and loving. That's a list we can get behind!

We love Rochelle's story about the way she discovered Compendium products. "I happened upon my first Compendium book as I sat in a lobby awaiting an interview at an Atlanta advertising agency," she writes. "That book inspired me to write to Compendium to share how the book touched me." Rochelle has been a fan of Compendium products ever since, and shares her own brand of inspiration on her blog. You can visit it here to find out more:

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Find the Good That's All Around You

by Amelia · 04.11.2013

Happily Grateful

7: How Many Days of the Week Can be Extraordinary?

Welcome, Baby!

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Show Appreciation to Your Friends & Family

by Amelia · 03.27.2013

Take a little time to show your gratitude to the people who make your world brighter every day--your friends and family.

Live This Day: A Birthday Book

Lunch Mail

Mom & Dad Photo Frames

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Hello, Spring!

by Amelia · 03.21.2013

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes the promise of fresh beginnings and new life. This season, we’re excited to release our newest gift titles that explore the joy and richness you find when you embrace living life to the fullest, when you seek change, and when you discover what makes your world brighter.

10: What’s on Your Top 10 List?
The 10 book is a stylish inspirational guide to help you realize your biggest dreams by writing down your most wished-for lifelists.

Let Your Spirit Soar

This vibrant, joyful book is a beautiful way to elevate your spirits, or to tell someone how wonderful, radiant, and shining they are.

May You Live a Life You Love

Delight in discovering your capabilities with this lively and colorful book that features uplifting statements and quotations.

You Make the World Better

This bold and brightly illustrated book recognizes the wonderful people in your life—those who make the world better and kinder.

Live This Day: A Birthday Book of Questions and Reflections.
Live This Day celebrates the new beginning that comes with each birthday with quotes and questions to make each day count.

Her Words Composition Book
Offer a testament to her strength and growth with this warm and spirited composition book that features the vignette “She learned a lot from the trees: how to stand her ground, how to weather a storm, and how to love the simple things most of all.”

And please check out our other new spring titles on our website!

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Inspiration When it's Needed Most

by Carrie · 03.12.2013

Today's blog post comes to us from Carrie Schmitt, an artist and friend of Compendium, who has such a wonderful story to share about her experience with the She book that we wanted her to tell you all about it herself. Visit Carrie's site at to find out more about her art. Here's Carrie with her story:

When I first read the She book, I was struck by how powerful the words were. I felt that every woman should read them over and over until these thoughts became the way she lived her life.

Perhaps single mothers need to hear these words more than anyone else. The challenges they face can be overwhelming. I know because I was one.

Today, I am no longer a single mother struggling with all the demands--financial and otherwise--that raising children brings. Not a day goes by that I don't sit in my art studio and think of that time in my life when I had no hope, when my future seemed so daunting.

Every flower I paint represents hope for another woman struggling--hope that one day she will find her way. That compassion and a helping hand will reach out to her.

Ever since I read the She book, I've wanted to incorporate these words into my artwork. One day, I tore out some pages and wove the words into mixed media collages.

When I learned about the Vision House, a local organization that provides transitional housing for women and children, I knew it was where these pieces were meant to be.

There is a (free) store where the families can pick out items to decorate and personalize their new home at the shelter.

I hope that the She book will remind them not to give up their dreams. That it will remind them to take one day at a time. That they matter. That they are doing the hardest and most important job in the world. That it will show them how truly amazing they are.

How do you spread messages of positivity and love? Feel free to post your comment here or to leave us a message on Facebook at

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Show Appreciation to Your Community

by Amelia · 03.04.2013





Your community supports you and creates your world. Say thank you to those all around you with random acts of kindness and gratitude!

"Doing good and feeling good are connected." Write Now Journal

Thanks Window Cards

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The Little Things

by Miriam · 02.12.2013

As part of my practice in living the Thankful Life project, I've been trying to pay attention to all the small things that bring me joy. Every night I make a list of the things I was grateful for that day: a hot cup of coffee, clean clothes to keep me warm, a coworker's compliment, my daughter's squeal of delight when her dad tickles her belly, and, of course, a comfortable bed with blankets to snuggle up with.

Throughout the day, I take note of things to add to my list. This past week, I was walking in Wallingford near our office when I discovered something that made me smile: a small wooden house perched on top of a pole in the middle of a neighbor's yard.

Underneath the house, there was a sign that read "Little Free Library," and inside of the house was a small collection of books free for the taking. My heart leapt with glee--what a wonderful surprise!

When I returned to our office, I grabbed a copy of our book What Makes You Smile? and wrote a note of gratitude inside the cover.

I ran back to the little wooden house and tucked the book inside next to Temple Grandin and Ivan Doig in the hopes that someone else will discover the simple joys in life and find gratitude in the small things.

Thank you to the Little Free Library for adding to my Thankful Life!

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