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Big Inspiration in a Small Package

by Amelia · 09.04.2013

In the mid-1980’s, Compendium’s founder Dan Zadra watched as McDonald’s updated its slogan to read “50 Billion Served.” He remembers thinking, as he stood on a Seattle sidewalk, “If someone can serve up 50 billion burgers, someone else ought to be able to find a way to serve the world something a little more inspiring.” Later that week, Dan wrote “One Billion Messages of Hope and Inspiration Served,” on his white board. He knew that the moment you set your dream to paper, you invite the world around you to help you make that dream come true.

Within a few months, we designed our first “window card.” The concept was simple: Hide a message of hope and inspiration behind a die-cut window in a small pop-open card. And then encourage people to give them away to others.

People all across the country quickly discovered our powerful little cards. Within the first year, we circulated almost 10 million cards, and the numbers just kept growing. Our cards were carried into space by American astronauts, to the top of Mt. Everest with international climbing teams, to the bottom of the ocean with U.S. submarine crews. Our cards were handed out at Ground Zero to help raise the spirits of the courageous 9/11 response teams. And our cards are given by parents and teachers to children, and to countless patients at hospitals and cancer treatments centers throughout the country.

And this season, we’re happy to introduce a newly designed version of these classic window cards—ThoughtFulls. Outside, you’ll find elegant designs to brighten you spirit and catch you attention. Inside you’ll find timeless messages of inspiration to capture your heart. It’s our same message of big inspiration housed in a new (and still charmingly small) package.

In the meantime, we’re making room for our new line by offering a close-out sale on our much loved, best-selling classic window cards. Check out our website for more details!

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Share & Post Your Child's Artwork to Our New Story Lines Website!

by Amelia · 08.29.2013

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Story Lines series and website. These illustrate-your-own books are just waiting for kids to bring them to life—because they get to create the cover and illustrate the entire book! Every book has its own special theme and story, from riding to Egypt on a giant kangaroo to cheering on grandma when she saves the day as a real-life superhero.

After drawing and creating each masterpiece, parents can upload their children’s artwork to our fun and inspiring gallery for the whole world to enjoy. Every title is shown with adorable characters, wonderful drawings, and quotes directly from the kids.

Every piece is one-of-a-kind and every book will become a wonderful keepsake for families to treasure for years to come. So take a look around, explore, and get inspired at the Story Lines website today!

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Back to School is Here!

by Amelia · 07.31.2013

From kindergarten to higher education, a new school year means a lot of excitement, new learning, and bold discoveries. Prepare for all of the adventures ahead by creating an inspiring space to work, create, dream, and discover.

Whether you have a young student at home or are a student yourself, try to set aside an inspiring work area that’s motivating and free from distractions. You can energize and uplift your space by adding more light, hanging a list of priorities so they stay top of mind, and getting a comfortable chair. Be mindful of noise and even smells. And be sure you have everything you need nearby so you don’t have to leave your space to get individual items, such as pencils or paper.

In addition to your physical space, don’t forget to create an inspiring mental space. Journals, sketchbooks, or notebooks are wonderful places to write down your daily to-dos or your big ideas. It can also help to keep separate notebook for different projects or classes.

And don’t forget to celebrate the successes. Display a “You Did It!” board next to your child’s desk or create a collage of achievements for yourself. No matter which methods you use, just be sure that you find what works best for your needs so you or your child can stay motivated and truly enjoy the adventure of learning!

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Celebrating Friends & Laughter

by Amelia · 07.17.2013

Frank & Funny Cards

Lucky Us: (For Being Such Good Friends)

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Love & New Beginnings

by Amelia · 06.27.2013

2: How Will You Create Something Beautiful Together?

On This Day: A Book for My Bridesmaid


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Hearts the size of an ocean

by Meredith · 06.12.2013

Once in a while, a story finds us... and it changes things. Those stories tend to be the ones that people tell because they simply have to be told, and they tend to be the ones that are still settled into our hearts long after the story is over. They're the kinds of stories that leave you with something to do.

A while back, we received an email from a woman who had just such a story to tell. Shirley told us that last year, just before Father's Day, she was inspired to create a greeting card on behalf of her Dad. Though he was lost at sea, along with her brother, when Shirley was ten, she says he "made all the difference in my life." He introduced his family to the beauty of the outdoors--with hiking, camping, beach combing, and visiting local and national parks. Both parents lovingly taught them to respect nature inherently, for its own beauty.

When she came across the Rumi quote, "your heart is the size of an ocean," she knew it was perfect. So she contacted us. "Would you be interested in refining this card from a watercolor image I've sketched?" she asked. She drew a sea turtle on the front--a creature that represents, for her, a symbol of ancient wisdom, in touch with the rhythms of the earth. She imagined the card as "a gift of gratitude and preservation"--a fitting honor for a man who lived with a full heart and deep respect for nature.

Shirley felt it was essential that the card be ecologically printed, with a percentage of the proceeds going to organizations that protect the environment, and thought our Positively Green cards were the perfect fit. We knew what we had to do.

As this card was being completed, Shirley discovered that her twin cousins volunteer for a sea turtle conservation center in Georgia, restoring and preserving habitat for these creatures. She imagines that with so many big hearts coming together, perhaps the fate of the endangered sea turtles can be reversed before it's too late.

We leave you with Shirley's dedication: To Marvin and Milton, beloved father and brother, whose treasures run wide and deep... long after they have walked this Earth.

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Celebrate the Man Who Makes Anything Seem Possible

by Amelia · 05.29.2013

His strong hand on your shoulder. His smile of support. His warm presence. Fathers have such a special role in the family, and sometimes words don’t feel like enough to express just how much he means to you. But sometimes, they’re exactly what he needs to hear. This Father’s Day, here are few thoughtful ways to repay him for all of his words of wisdom throughout the years:

  • Create several “Father’s Day Coupons,” each with IOU coupons for small gifts: mowing the lawn, getting a special cup of coffee on the way home, taking out the trash, letting him pick the flick on movie night.
  • Personalize a favorite or well-used item—such as a set of golf balls, grilling tool set, or a travel bag—with his initials or a simple, loving phrase.
  • Frame a meaningful quote for his office or bedroom, such as “Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad.” –Unknown
  • Ask several friends and family members to send you notes or letters about a favorite memory they have with your father; then gather them all into a scrapbook.
  • Create a family keepsake with My Dad: His Stories. His Words.—a unique interview book where you can record his stories.

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Loving Who You Are

by Amelia · 05.22.2013

10: What's on Your Top 10 List?

Her Words Composition Books

Live Good.

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A Healthy Childhood Creates a Healthy Future!

by Amelia · 05.15.2013

You may have heard that a recent article in the Journal of Pediatrics deemed childhood obesity a national epidemic. Sadly, one third of all children born in the year 2000 or after will suffer from diabetes at some point in their lives—and that many others will face chronic obesity-related health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and asthma. That is, if broad lifestyle changes aren’t made—including diet and, most importantly, exercise.

From the First Lady’s Let’s Move Campaign to the Center for Disease Control, we’re hearing that the best defense against this health epidemic is 60 minutes of exercise every day. Here at Compendium, we want to show kids that those minutes can be FUN, inspiring a lifetime of healthy living, which is why we’re offering a special promotion for our popular Boogie Monster Dance Kit: a 40% off coupon when you purchase the kit online!

This family-friendly kit inspires kids to get up, get moving, and get dancing! Parents and grandparents can read aloud while the little ones dance along with the loveable Boogie Monster—a fluffy creature sent to Earth from Planet Boogie whose only mission is to inspire kids to dance, dance, dance! Boogie Monster teaches kids that there’s no right or wrong way to dance. In the process, kids build confidence and learn that exercising can be fun. Each kit includes the Boogie Monster book, a pair of Boogie Monster Boogie Legs (one size fits most kids), and a Boogie Monster Boogie music CD.

Looking for more ways to inspire children to move? Check out these websites!

* U.S. domestic website orders only. Check your local bookstore for Boogie Monster and other inspiring gifts. Boogie Monster and its products are not officially affiliated with the Let’s Move! campaign.

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Here’s to Bright Futures and Bold Dreams!

by Amelia · 05.06.2013

Graduation is an exciting time. The future is full of unknowns, possibilities, and new graduates are hopeful to reach their true potential. Reward all of their hard work with gifts that will give them fuel for the road ahead. For college graduates, fill a candy jar with Pay Days and 100 Grands as a cheerful way to say congrats. Or perhaps give a jar filled with candy that ties into their major, such as Lifesavers for med or nursing school graduates, Symphony chocolate bars for musicians, or Milky Ways for astronomy majors. Or simply gather lots of their favorite type of treats! Another idea for high school graduates or those going on to even higher education is a tea variety pack with teas geared toward stress relief, sleeping well, and mental clarity. Perhaps an easy, simple recipe cookbook to keep their energy up? Or help them define their goals with bestselling, interactive journaling books 5: Where Will You be Five Years from Today? or 10: What’s on Your Top 10 List? Whatever you choose, they’re sure to appreciate your tokens of good luck for their new journey ahead!

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