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Find the Good That's All Around You

by Amelia · 04.11.2013

Happily Grateful

7: How Many Days of the Week Can be Extraordinary?

Welcome, Baby!

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Show Appreciation to Your Friends & Family

by Amelia · 03.27.2013

Take a little time to show your gratitude to the people who make your world brighter every day--your friends and family.

Live This Day: A Birthday Book

Lunch Mail

Mom & Dad Photo Frames

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Hello, Spring!

by Amelia · 03.21.2013

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes the promise of fresh beginnings and new life. This season, we’re excited to release our newest gift titles that explore the joy and richness you find when you embrace living life to the fullest, when you seek change, and when you discover what makes your world brighter.

10: What’s on Your Top 10 List?
The 10 book is a stylish inspirational guide to help you realize your biggest dreams by writing down your most wished-for lifelists.

Let Your Spirit Soar

This vibrant, joyful book is a beautiful way to elevate your spirits, or to tell someone how wonderful, radiant, and shining they are.

May You Live a Life You Love

Delight in discovering your capabilities with this lively and colorful book that features uplifting statements and quotations.

You Make the World Better

This bold and brightly illustrated book recognizes the wonderful people in your life—those who make the world better and kinder.

Live This Day: A Birthday Book of Questions and Reflections.
Live This Day celebrates the new beginning that comes with each birthday with quotes and questions to make each day count.

Her Words Composition Book
Offer a testament to her strength and growth with this warm and spirited composition book that features the vignette “She learned a lot from the trees: how to stand her ground, how to weather a storm, and how to love the simple things most of all.”

And please check out our other new spring titles on our website!

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Inspiration When it's Needed Most

by Carrie · 03.12.2013

Today's blog post comes to us from Carrie Schmitt, an artist and friend of Compendium, who has such a wonderful story to share about her experience with the She book that we wanted her to tell you all about it herself. Visit Carrie's site at to find out more about her art. Here's Carrie with her story:

When I first read the She book, I was struck by how powerful the words were. I felt that every woman should read them over and over until these thoughts became the way she lived her life.

Perhaps single mothers need to hear these words more than anyone else. The challenges they face can be overwhelming. I know because I was one.

Today, I am no longer a single mother struggling with all the demands--financial and otherwise--that raising children brings. Not a day goes by that I don't sit in my art studio and think of that time in my life when I had no hope, when my future seemed so daunting.

Every flower I paint represents hope for another woman struggling--hope that one day she will find her way. That compassion and a helping hand will reach out to her.

Ever since I read the She book, I've wanted to incorporate these words into my artwork. One day, I tore out some pages and wove the words into mixed media collages.

When I learned about the Vision House, a local organization that provides transitional housing for women and children, I knew it was where these pieces were meant to be.

There is a (free) store where the families can pick out items to decorate and personalize their new home at the shelter.

I hope that the She book will remind them not to give up their dreams. That it will remind them to take one day at a time. That they matter. That they are doing the hardest and most important job in the world. That it will show them how truly amazing they are.

How do you spread messages of positivity and love? Feel free to post your comment here or to leave us a message on Facebook at

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Show Appreciation to Your Community

by Amelia · 03.04.2013





Your community supports you and creates your world. Say thank you to those all around you with random acts of kindness and gratitude!

"Doing good and feeling good are connected." Write Now Journal

Thanks Window Cards

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The Little Things

by Miriam · 02.12.2013

As part of my practice in living the Thankful Life project, I've been trying to pay attention to all the small things that bring me joy. Every night I make a list of the things I was grateful for that day: a hot cup of coffee, clean clothes to keep me warm, a coworker's compliment, my daughter's squeal of delight when her dad tickles her belly, and, of course, a comfortable bed with blankets to snuggle up with.

Throughout the day, I take note of things to add to my list. This past week, I was walking in Wallingford near our office when I discovered something that made me smile: a small wooden house perched on top of a pole in the middle of a neighbor's yard.

Underneath the house, there was a sign that read "Little Free Library," and inside of the house was a small collection of books free for the taking. My heart leapt with glee--what a wonderful surprise!

When I returned to our office, I grabbed a copy of our book What Makes You Smile? and wrote a note of gratitude inside the cover.

I ran back to the little wooden house and tucked the book inside next to Temple Grandin and Ivan Doig in the hopes that someone else will discover the simple joys in life and find gratitude in the small things.

Thank you to the Little Free Library for adding to my Thankful Life!

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Little Acts Show Lots of Love This Holiday

by Amelia · 02.04.2013

Sometimes, it just takes a simple gesture to show a lot of heart.  Writing a love letter, making eye contact, even simply reaching over to hold hands can be full of heartfelt meaning. For this Valentine’s Day, take a little time to show how much you care.

  • Tuck a picture of both of you into someone’s wallet. Include a loving quotation on the back such as “I give you my whole heart, for my whole life." –French Proverb
  • Write someone a love note on the bathroom mirror. Include the top three adjectives you would use to describe their sweet personality.
  • Get up a little early to brew coffee for someone. Put in an extra load of laundry. Unload the dishwasher. Though it may seem small, doing a few chores shows you appreciate the hard work they do every day to create your home.
  • Give one Love Window Card each day of the month before Valentine’s—on the mirror, hidden under a pillow, coupled with flowers—for 30 days of romance.
  • Write a personal note on the inside of the With Love gift book. Your heartfelt message and the playful, romantic quotes will make someone’s day.
  • Discover your dreams together with the interactive gift book 2: How Will You Create Something Beautiful Together? It’s full of questions such as “If you could open a door to anywhere, where would you go?” that will inspire you both.

This holiday, remember that when you share your love, it’s what in your heart that matters most.

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Never Pass Up a Chance to Be Kind

by Meredith · 01.29.2013

Mid-winter in Seattle can be pretty blah. The skies are gray, it’s usually raining, and we still have months to go before the balmy weather and sun return. In other words, we’re ripe for any kind of a pick-me-up the world might send our way.

So you can imagine the surprise of discovering that someone, some person with a heart of gold, has been posting these signs around town.

On busy roads and main intersections, they've cropped up everywhere. And no matter where your mind is when you pass one, it makes you stop and think.

Yesterday, I passed one of these signs on my way to the coffee shop after work. “What this day needs is a cup of hot cocoa,” I thought, and as I was walking briskly to get it, I passed by a gentleman who moved his umbrella aside to let me pass. As I was in the coffee shop ordering my cocoa, who should walk in but the gentleman with the umbrella? A little voice, one which must have been inspired by those signs, whispered to me, “buy his coffee!” So I did. I tried to do it anonymously, but he eventually figured it out and stopped by my seat to thank me on the way out. “What a kind thing to do,” he said. “I like it. I really like it. It does a body good.”

And, just like that, I remembered how simple an act of kindness can be. Also, just like that, I might have started a new tradition for myself—one of little kindnesses wherever I can give them. Have you done something like this lately? You hear so often how great an act of kindness can make you feel, but when you actually do it, it’s astonishing. It really does feel good. It's enough to make a gray day bright.


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Inspiring Gratitude: Introducing A Thankful Life!

by Amelia · 01.10.2013

Gratitude is a miraculous little thing. It can be so small and simple to show—and yet its consequences can be enormous. Scientists have been studying this phenomenon for years. In research studies, groups of people who have been tasked with writing down what they are grateful for each day have shown remarkable improvement regarding both their physical and emotional well-being. They note that they feel stronger, happier, and more satisfied with their life. Just by noticing—and appreciating—the good around them.

“To say we feel grateful is not to say that everything in our lives is necessarily great. It just means we are aware of our blessings,” says Dr. Emmons, one of the leading authorities on gratitude. It’s simple: When you take the time to really acknowledge the good things that are in your life, you expand your potential for happiness.

This life-changing philosophy has inspired us to launch a bold, exciting new campaign this year called A Thankful Life: Inspiring Gratitude. Our goal is to inspire the writing of one million thank you notes over the course of the year!

It’s our hope to spread the joy of gratitude well beyond our offices. We want to encourage others to notice and appreciate the gifts given each day—whether it’s reconnecting with an old friend, enjoying a beautiful mountain drive, or something bigger such as starting a new business or seeing a loved one finally come home.

And we’re beginning the campaign with several exciting projects. First, the release of our new A Year of Gratitude Kit: A Kit to Inspire 52 Weeks of Giving Thanks. It includes 52 thank you cards with envelopes, a guided journal to chronicle your year of gratitude, and helpful tips on how to write meaningful notes—all housed in a gift box.

Second, we asked each employee to anonymously write a few adjectives about each other as well as state our own personal goals for the upcoming year. A small group gathered these kind words and created individual Wordles for each employee as well as a company-wide poster.

The more an adjective or phrase was stated, the larger the word became. So, if more than one coworker used the same description for someone, then that word increased in size. As you can see, our Emma is very sweet and Renee is fun and hardworking—and now they know that we know it too! And, we have a lot of people with goals to spend more time with family and friends, do community service, as well as communicate appreciation to each other.

And lastly, we’re also taking the time to write thank you notes to our extended Compendium family. From designers to accounts payable, every employee is taking it upon themselves to go beyond our doors to say thank you to our sales representatives, retailers, and dedicated customers. We are so grateful here at Compendium for the ways these individuals and businesses make our company possible, and we sincerely hope that our spark of excitement will light a candle of gratitude in the hearts of others.

Please join us! Each month we’ll post more ways to inspire gratitude, your stories on how gratitude helped you, giveaways, as well as share a weekly gratitude quotation on our Facebook page. To get started, “like” us on Facebook or check back here. Or, even better, start by writing your own thank you note!

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Enough Joy to Go Around

by Meredith · 12.20.2012

All of us here at Compendium love to hear stories about the way people incorporate our products into their lives. When we received an email from Donna, one of our sales representatives, telling us how her new son-in-law Justin proposed to her daughter Natalie, we knew this story was too good for us to keep to ourselves. Here's Donna telling the story:

Okay, so some of you have asked…this is how it all went down…about a month ago Justin called my husband Dan and asked for our daughter Natalie’s hand in marriage.  And since then the two of them have literally been on the phone at least two times a week.

So this was a TOTAL secret! Only Dan and I knew what was happening. Total 100% shocker for the other 20 in the room.  We told no one!

I ordered 22 Thanks A Bunch books and Dan and I wrote personal notes to each person inside them. I figured I would use the thank you window cards for place cards and each person could read theirs off…like fortune cookies.  We started and Justin and I had it preplanned to end with him.  So that’s how it went…if a really profound window card was read, everyone would go “ohhhhh….” and I would ask for it to be reread!  The 9 and 6 year old boys read theirs like such big guys and then little Izzy recited each sentence after her mommy helped her read her card.  She was so excited!

Natalie’s quote was so profound for the moment that she did not even know was coming.  Dan and I were dying…my heart was beating so hard I figured everyone at my table must have heard it…and then came Justin…he opened his and said, “What?  This is strange.  Mine says get down on one knee.  Yes, it says I must get down on my knee.”  He pushed his chair back and got down on his knee and facing Natalie he said, “Natalie, I love you.  Will you marry me?”…the entire room gasped.  Natalie kept wiping tears away and holding her hand on her chest as Justin leaned in for a kiss as he put the ring on her long awaiting ring finger.

Needless to say we all jumped up and ran to both of them…and time just stood still.  Mouths were dropped, and my Dad said, “Did it really say that?”…like straight out of the movie Moonstruck. It was indeed a day to be thankful for!

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