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A Month of Love

Our marketing coordinator, Angeline, had a wonderful idea for how she wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year—using our ThoughtFulls Love cards. We asked her to share her plan (and a few of her sweet, secret notes her boyfriend!). We are so grateful she did. Check out her story below, and we hope it inspires you to create your own month of love this February.


Angeline writes:

I don’t mean to brag, but I have the best boyfriend ever. He brings me flowers when I least expect it, regularly makes the hour+ commute to visit me, and encourages me to act as goofy as possible.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to find a gift that expressed just how much I loved and appreciated him. So a few weeks ago I opened up a box of Love ThoughtFulls and began writing. Each afternoon, I took one ThoughtFulls card and wrote something that I loved about him on the back. It became a routine that I looked forward to each day.

Some of the cards were silly: “I love that you drink scotch and watch football. Your manliness makes me swoon!”.  Other cards were more serious: “I love that you listen. Thanks for talking with me through my trials and successes.” By the end of the month, I had 30 unique messages for him. My hope is that he’ll open up one ThoughtFulls card every day during February so that warmth of Valentine’s Day can extend the entire month.

This holiday I hope you get the chance the cuddle close with someone special and share your love with them.



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  • 1 Angela (From Hong Kong) 04.06.2014 | 3:22 AM

    This window card concept is amazing. Sometimes I mixed all the cards (of different topics) together - people can pick the cards by lucky draw (and of course there are clues about the topic by seeing the covers), and then topics can be based on the card content. Sometimes it is hard for people to articulate their need (perhaps people are shy, perhaps sometimes it is subconscious), this way is a funny start to help people communicate and connect. We can always understand our friends more about their need - whether it is success, love, dream that they are looking for. :) Nothing can be more romantic than this!

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