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Boogie Monster!

The Compendium offices are a colorful place to work. There are bikes to ride, candy jars to raid, and life-sized lions and polar bears on the walls. And occasionally, just occasionally, someone shows up to work looking like this:

That's Boogie Monster--the main character of our most recent children's book, and we're thrilled to be able to introduce him to you! When actress and author Josie Bissett approached us with the idea of a Boogie Monster sequel to her Tickle Monster book, we were excited right away. Dance is a great way for kids to get moving, develop coordination, and gain self-confidence; we knew that a book like this one would be a wonderful way for kids and parents to share the joy of dancing together. Josie turned her idea into a full-length manuscript filled with delightful rhymes and we knew this was just the start of something good.

So we contacted our friend and illustrator Kevan Atteberry, who made Boogie Monster into the colorful character you'll see on every page:

Along the way, our friends Recess Monkey got in on the fun, putting together a boisterous CD filled with fantastic back-to-back hits that guarantee a dance party. It's impossible to stay still while listening! The only reasonable thing left for us to do was to top off the fun with some furry orange leggings made for dancing. So we did! And then we packaged everything together in a gorgeous reusable gift box that's destined to become a family favorite.

Obviously, Boogie Monster has made things a whole lot livelier around here! And now, we'd love to share a little of that excitement with you! We're giving away one complete Boogie Monster Dance Kit, complete with book, CD, and leggings! Want to win? Just tell us which Boogie Monster in your life you'd share this gift with--your own child? A niece, nephew, or favorite neighbor? Maybe even someone who's all grown up? Post your answers here or write them on our Facebook wall by Monday, August 15 at 11:59 pm PST, and boogie on!

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  • 1 Kimberly 08.02.2011 | 1:57 PM

    I would LOVE to share this with my two little boys, ages 2 and 5 months!!
  • 2 Amanda O'Connor 08.02.2011 | 2:35 PM

    I would share it with my nephew! He loves to read and dance! He would LOVE it!
  • 3 Miranda 08.02.2011 | 4:22 PM

    My little boogie monster, Myla Grace! She loves to dance!
  • 4 Emilie 08.08.2011 | 2:42 PM

    I'd love to win this for my little monster's, 6 months, two and four!
  • 5 Katie 08.08.2011 | 4:21 PM

    My niece, Maggie, who will be 3 this year. She definitely is a little Boogie Monster and I love catching her dancing on video. Too funny. Can't help but smile!
  • 6 Tracy 08.09.2011 | 5:48 AM

    I'm sure it'd be a big hit at family gatherings! We have a month old baby boy, three nephews, and a niece. All under age four! We already have a lot of fun and this would add to the fun.
  • 7 Shane 08.15.2011 | 4:08 PM

    I would LOVE this for my little man who is 9 months old this week. He loves to wiggle a little dance when he's watching Yo Gabba Gabba, when he's nursing, when he's laying down for bed and even getting his diaper changed! He's so funny, and would love the Boogie Monster!!! :)
  • 8 Ashley Siegle 08.15.2011 | 4:12 PM

    I would love to share it with my daycare kids! We would have so much fun dancing to the Boogie Monster!!!
  • 9 Tara 08.15.2011 | 4:24 PM

    My sweet niece(nicknamed The Boogaloo) and I (TT) love to read books.. have impromptu living room dance parties.. and regularly go on hunts for Lions, tigers, monsters and bear.. OH MY!WE would love to add this kit to our tickle trunk of memory makers!
  • 10 Brian 08.15.2011 | 4:42 PM

    I'd love to share this with my son who is almost two.
  • 11 Darlene 09.06.2011 | 1:35 PM

    I purchased the Tickle Monster book for my home daycare of 5 children. They loved it so much, I had to purchase extra sets of mitts. So you can image my delight to see a dancing monster. Not only will I purchase The Boogie Monster dance kit, but I also have to buy extra leggings for everyone to use during circle time.
  • 12 Jennifer 10.31.2013 | 11:14 PM

    My son loves Boogie monster so much he wanted to be him for halloween this year. After much work I finished this costume for him.

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