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Celebrate the Man Who Makes Anything Seem Possible

His strong hand on your shoulder. His smile of support. His warm presence. Fathers have such a special role in the family, and sometimes words don’t feel like enough to express just how much he means to you. But sometimes, they’re exactly what he needs to hear. This Father’s Day, here are few thoughtful ways to repay him for all of his words of wisdom throughout the years:

  • Create several “Father’s Day Coupons,” each with IOU coupons for small gifts: mowing the lawn, getting a special cup of coffee on the way home, taking out the trash, letting him pick the flick on movie night.
  • Personalize a favorite or well-used item—such as a set of golf balls, grilling tool set, or a travel bag—with his initials or a simple, loving phrase.
  • Frame a meaningful quote for his office or bedroom, such as “Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad.” –Unknown
  • Ask several friends and family members to send you notes or letters about a favorite memory they have with your father; then gather them all into a scrapbook.
  • Create a family keepsake with My Dad: His Stories. His Words.—a unique interview book where you can record his stories.

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  • 1 Cinda 06.11.2013 | 11:38 AM

    I am inspired by all you do and have done to help inspire a worthwhile and passionate life and particularly excited about what you and my friend Susan Fielder Mears have been and will be doing. Onward and upward!!!
  • 2 Dorothy 10.09.2014 | 6:54 PM

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