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A Letter-Writing Challenge

“How wonderful it is to be able to write someone a letter! To feel like conveying your thoughts to a person, to sit at your desk and pick up a pen, to put your thoughts into words like this is truly marvelous.”
-Haruki Murakami 

There’s a special thrill that comes when you open your mailbox and, nestled amid the bills and ads, you find a letter addressed to you. The pretty postage stamp; the black time stamp marking the date and location of your sender’s locale—be it far-flung or close to home; the handwriting you instantly recognize as being that of a loved one or friend; the weight of the letter in your palm.

In an effort to promote literacy, creativity, and documenting history, the United States Postal Service has designated April as “National Card and Letter Writing Month.” At Compendium, we’re lucky to spend our days designing and writing greeting cards, books, and gifts that inspire and commemorate life’s important events—and this theme hits close to home for us in the very best way. 

Two companies, Hello!Lucky and Egg Press, are teaming up with a campaign to inspire folks to write 30 letters to 30 different people every day in April. We’re so excited about this idea that many of our employees are taking on the challenge, and we’d like to extend the challenge to you, too! 


Looking for ways to have a little fun and make the 30 days fly by successfully? Here are 10 writing ideas to spark your creativity:

1. Thank a teacher—past or present—for the value that education and their teaching has brought to your life (or the life of your child).

2. Write a letter to a senator or member of Congress.

3. Send a letter to a child or teenager who might not have familiarity with traditional mail. Include a self-addressed return envelope and encourage them to write back.

4. Surprise someone who lives with you by sending them a card or letter via post.

5. Recruit friends and mail a stack of cards to a nursing home or assisted living facility. Ask staff to give them to lonely seniors.

6. Honor the memory of someone who has passed away by sending a note of remembrance to their widow, widower, or child letting them know that person is always in your thoughts.

7. Leave a postcard of thanks for your postal carrier.

8. Photo cards are not just for the holidays. Print cards at a local drugstore with a current snapshot from your life. Surprise family members and friends with this personal memento!

9. If you’re unsure about what to say, practice your prettiest handwriting with a poem or quote and send it to someone special.

10. Join a pen pal site online and make a new friend in a country you’ve always been curious about. It could be a wonderful opportunity to practice a foreign language or learn about a new culture.

Will you participate in the 30-day challenge? We’d like to hear about it! Tell us your letter-writing ideas, successes, and stories in the comments below or on Facebook

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  • 1 Angela (From Hong Kong) 04.06.2014 | 3:15 AM

    Your products are amazing. I kept ordering from you since I got a pack from Papyrus in Hong Kong two years ago. All of my friends are benefited from the love and encouragement delivered through the cards. Keep the good works up! I look forward to more and more new products! (Distribution in HK is limited, thus I ordered via this website).
  • 2 Frances Altman 07.10.2015 | 3:57 PM

    Many years ago my teenage daughter became somewhat distant. Nothing seemed to interest her and she didn't want to talk about anything. So I wrote her a letter, telling her what I was doing every day at work. I sent her a self addressed and posted envelope and wrote "Let me hear from you and what you are doing?" Surprisingly she wrote back. Even though we were living in the same house, we exchanged letters several times. Then one day we just began to talk to each other.
    I believe there are many teenagers that would like to receive a letter from someone they know. Of course, it would be fashionable to email a message. But there is something special about a letter with a real stamp on it. Just recently I mailed my granddaughters cards. They were thrilled, but thought I was weird.
    Unfortunately today letting your address out to the world may not be the safest thing to do.

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