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Enough Joy to Go Around

All of us here at Compendium love to hear stories about the way people incorporate our products into their lives. When we received an email from Donna, one of our sales representatives, telling us how her new son-in-law Justin proposed to her daughter Natalie, we knew this story was too good for us to keep to ourselves. Here's Donna telling the story:

Okay, so some of you have asked…this is how it all went down…about a month ago Justin called my husband Dan and asked for our daughter Natalie’s hand in marriage.  And since then the two of them have literally been on the phone at least two times a week.

So this was a TOTAL secret! Only Dan and I knew what was happening. Total 100% shocker for the other 20 in the room.  We told no one!

I ordered 22 Thanks A Bunch books and Dan and I wrote personal notes to each person inside them. I figured I would use the thank you window cards for place cards and each person could read theirs off…like fortune cookies.  We started and Justin and I had it preplanned to end with him.  So that’s how it went…if a really profound window card was read, everyone would go “ohhhhh….” and I would ask for it to be reread!  The 9 and 6 year old boys read theirs like such big guys and then little Izzy recited each sentence after her mommy helped her read her card.  She was so excited!

Natalie’s quote was so profound for the moment that she did not even know was coming.  Dan and I were dying…my heart was beating so hard I figured everyone at my table must have heard it…and then came Justin…he opened his and said, “What?  This is strange.  Mine says get down on one knee.  Yes, it says I must get down on my knee.”  He pushed his chair back and got down on his knee and facing Natalie he said, “Natalie, I love you.  Will you marry me?”…the entire room gasped.  Natalie kept wiping tears away and holding her hand on her chest as Justin leaned in for a kiss as he put the ring on her long awaiting ring finger.

Needless to say we all jumped up and ran to both of them…and time just stood still.  Mouths were dropped, and my Dad said, “Did it really say that?”…like straight out of the movie Moonstruck. It was indeed a day to be thankful for!



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