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How Do Couples Make Life More Beautiful for Each Other?

Kobi Yamada and I are working on a new inspirational book, and we are looking to you for inspiration. All you have to do is respond to the following question by writing your answer in the reply section below.

The question is: How do couples make life more beautiful or meaningful for each other?

Photo by Maya H. Li
Photo by Maya H. Li

Your answer can be something small but meaningful to you, or something huge and momentous to both of you. Try to keep it under 100 words. Here are three examples to stir your creative juices:

Kelly from Evanston writes,
“We started off as good friends and, even though we finally fell in love and got married, we still hold our friendship high. Every year on Valentine’s Day he sends me two bouquets of flowers instead of one. The first is addressed to the Love of My Life, and the second is addressed to My Best Friend.”

P.J. from Laguna Hills writes,
“After dating some really nice couch potatoes, I finally found my adventure buddy. We do something we call, “I’ve always dreamed of. . .”  The idea is to fill in the blank with something one of us has always dreamed of doing---and then do it together. I’ve always wanted to learn Italian (we did); bicycle the Amalfi Coast (we did); live on a houseboat (we did for a summer); quit my job and open a ceramic shop (we did). Oh, and have a baby (we didn’t, but you know what?—we might.)”

Mike from Seattle writes,
“We treasure map. Treasure mapping is a great way to dream and visualize the future together. We just sit down together and draw a picture of what we really want to attract into our life. In our first treasure map six years ago we drew a big log house on a hill, with a view of some water, a barn and some horses in a pasture. We also drew a stick figure of me walking down to the mailbox on the road below the house. That signified that I would be working from home. It all came true, and we’ve drawn lots of  treasure maps since. Try it. It works.”

What works for you as a couple? Please submit your experience or suggestion below and we’ll try to include as many as possible in the book, which is due out in the summer.

Please note: If you do NOT want us to include your post in the book, let us know. Otherwise, we will assume that you are giving us your permission to publish your thought in the book by posting it below. Every thought published will receive a signed advance copy of the book.

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  • 1 Haili Hunter 02.25.2010 | 6:31 PM

    "Everything is more beautiful when I'm with the one I love."

    When my husband comes home I love to be waiting at the door and give him a big huge hug.

    We call each other just to say, "I love you."

    We fall in love with each other every day.
  • 2 Rosie from Seattle 02.26.2010 | 11:05 AM

    My boyfriend and I are both avid writers and often find ourselves reading out loud to each other our personal thoughts, ideas and goals from our journals. When we moved in together, we decided to create a “joint journal” which we both contribute to. We keep the journal on the kitchen table and carry it with us on our adventures. The journal contains stories from trips we have taken, maps marked with places we have been and want to go, a list of books we want to share with one another, a page of goals we want to accomplish, photos and many other little precious writings, reminders, dreams and aspirations. Sharing our lives and thoughts spontaneously, day by day, with whatever comes to mind in the same book---this has allowed us to preserve and express what we treasure the most…our special love.
  • 3 Paula 02.27.2010 | 6:03 AM

    We leave 'love notes' to eachother written on the bathroom mirror with a bar of soap. Not everyday, but it's a nice surprise to look in the mirror in the morning and see a note or artwork from your honey. I do this often when I'm going out of town for business, and he usually leaves it there until I get back. Sometimes I also mail him a card that arrives the first day I'm gone, telling him that I miss him already!
  • 4 Mark P Hennessy 02.27.2010 | 6:26 AM

    My partner inspires me. We inspire each other. This inspiration is unspoken, but reminds each of us why we remain attracted and devoted to each other. It fuels our desire to live our separate lives together.
  • 5 S. Sam Wilson 02.27.2010 | 10:07 AM

    We made a DECISION to never let the honeymoon end. Living and sharing oneself with another is always a choice. Ups and downs occur. Remembering "This too shall pass" is the key. Soulmates exist when two people share their deepest self with honesty and humility. Respect is mutual and complete acceptance a given. Communication on all levels, the written word, a touch, a glance, a smile, a tear, a note, a reminder that one is special. Acknowledging feeling without being defensive. When the environment for a "VOICE" to be heard as well as listened to exists, love and trust thrives. My guy loves me more than himself and I give him the same. Love is the selfless act of just plain wanting more for the other because they inspire you to believe in your wildest dreams and yourself. They see the sunshine in your eyes when you forget it lives in your heart. My guy believes in me like no other and he has seen me at my worst. Being a couple means being transparent in all we do. Lastly, don't underestimate the power a love box. Ours contains all the memories that made a difference in our life. Pictures, letters, cards, a special e-mail. Anything that reminds us of our love goes in with a note about why it is so special or how it made us feel. In the downs of life our love box is there to remind us from where we came. The best predictor of the future is the past they say . . . We say the best predictor to a couples future is to forget the past and live in this very moment. It is in this moment where joy resides and the people we value live. Live without fear and embrace life with everything you have together.
  • 6 LJ 03.03.2010 | 6:27 AM

    My boyfriend and I live in different cities and only get to see each other about once a month, but we make it work by texting little love notes, sending emails and "i love you's" throughout the day. Cards and small gifts arrive in mailboxes unexpectedly. And we make time to talk and connect and laugh and listen and know that our love and commitment is stronger than the distance.
  • 7 Michele 03.04.2010 | 5:22 PM

    It’s funny, my husband Jeff and I are very different and yet at the core we feel one in the same. We love just being together, it doesn’t matter what we do or where we go. We always get asked, are you honeymooners? This year we’ll celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Jeff says that our dad's (who have both passed away) conspired in heaven to bring us together, isn’t that the sweetest?
  • 8 Stuart Rich 03.05.2010 | 2:10 PM

    My wife Kirstin and I have been married for 22 years and counting. We make our lives more meaningful for each other by caring enough to ask each other the hard questions...about eating, exercise habits, dreams and goals, procrastination, parenting styles and a whole host of other things. We have invested so much in each other's "emotional bank accounts" over the years that we feel safe in sharing our concerns, as well as our joys.

    She is supportive of my dreams and encourages me to live the question "What would you do if you knew you could not fail?" As a result, I am a more complete person by virtue of having her in my life.

    She is truly "God's gift to men" to least this one.
  • 9 Michael Ratner 03.07.2010 | 10:12 AM

    We have a romantic dinner once a week on a Thursday night. The whole deal, champagne, candles, music and if she gets home before me she alwayas leaves the porch light on.

    Sorry guys... just had to do it.
  • 10 Tote Yamada 03.10.2010 | 11:00 AM

    Cross the line…

    My wife and I divide the household duties and chores (I think every couple does). I have mine and she has hers. Some follow along the traditional stereotypes and others stray far from them…but the lines are drawn nonetheless. They work for us and we know who is “responsible” for what to keep the house running efficiently.

    That being said, we both find it fun to “cross the line” to do the others chores from time to time…it’s our little way of saying I appreciate you and all you do, “This one’s on me”. She may mow the lawn…I may do all the laundry. The recipient is always thankful for the reprieve and the giver is always blessed many times over for their generosity.

    Just a little extra effort here and there makes all the difference. When you plan to share the rest of your life with someone…it’s nice to find small ways that make your spouse feel special and appreciated.
  • 11 Cathy Kalepo 03.15.2010 | 5:11 PM

    My husband Loy and I met at young age. People often asked how are we still together. We've been married for 6 years and total of 17 years of love/friendship.
    Loy and I often visit "our place" called "Prtichard Beach". It's a little park in South of Seattle. We first visited this place on our first date on foot when were only 14 years old. Loy asked me, where are we going and I replied, wherever our footsteps will take us....and so there it was this little park with serene clear water. Whenever we had arguments or celebration we went to Pritchard Beach. Ten years later, he proposed to me at the same bench were we sat as teenagers. When we almost lost our first child we drove there and prayed. Every anniversary we sit at the same bench looking at the water and remind each other of what we've accomplish as a couple/family and discuss the future ahead of us. Having "our place" where it all began has been meaningful to both our lives and marriage throught the years.
  • 12 Dienna 03.16.2010 | 8:17 AM

    My husband and I cut eachother slack (lots of it)... doing so somehow leads the other person to say "I'm sorry" without prodding, and then one of our favorite phrases is "I love you just the way you are." Having someone love you with all your imperfections and be so gracious in their love makes you want to be a better person and try harder. And that's the way it should be...
  • 13 Jen 03.19.2010 | 4:42 AM

    On our first Valentine's Day together, my boyfriend refused to buy me flowers (he still does). Instead he assembled a bouquet from frangipani flowers attached to thin metal rods (he tried to preserve it in the fridge, to no avail). It looked terrible, but it came from the heart. I've always loved that. It reminds me of the quote, 'A hand-picked weed given with love is more welcome than a florist's best arrangement.'
  • 14 Tayla 03.23.2010 | 4:03 PM

    Moments with the one you love are that much more special. The sun shines brighter and the moon smiles deeper when you know you have their love wrapped around you=]
  • 15 Vicki 03.23.2010 | 7:48 PM

    My husband retired well before I could. Returning home from work each night I would find a cup of tea, chocolates, and illustrated silly & sweet messages on my computer screen, telling me how glad he was to have me home. In the lunch he made me I would find little notes that always made me smile. He always took care of me. When he was diagnosed in 2008 with an incurable, progressive disease I became his caregiver. We had been married for 30 years when he passed away in 2009. Being there for each other, in good times & bad, is what makes a love truly special.
  • 16 Alexa 03.23.2010 | 8:01 PM

    Recognizing that our love for each other is a reflection of God's love for us, we strive to grow together spiritually. We go to church together whenever we can (we live about an hour away from each other)..and we always go out for pancakes after service.
  • 17 Stacy Brice 03.23.2010 | 8:07 PM

    I don't know how we were so smart, at 26/27 (our ages when we married) to write the vow, "I promise to consider you in all my decisions" into our wedding, but we did, and it's become like bedrock for us. No matter what happens, we can count on the fact that we each are taking the other into account in everything we do each day. That consideration has allowed us to build an uncommon level of trust, and to feel uncommonly safe with each other. 20 years later, we still live that vow, and it's part of what makes life beautiful for us both.
  • 18 Rebecca Lee 03.23.2010 | 9:59 PM

    It's about the little things you do for each other that mean the most. My sister-in-law wrote this in our wedding card and I'll never forget it. We've been married for 23 years now. That's always my advice to newly married couples. It's the little things....
  • 19 G. Wise 03.26.2010 | 7:32 PM

    My soulmate is my mirror.
    Even when he is a wonderful man with a lot of qualities and fills my life with true love and joy he is not perfect. But it is precisely in that imperfection where I find myself reflected, where I find the greatest opportunities to learn, to be open, to grow and expand. He is my inspiration, he makes me a better person.
    We have given ourselves the opportunity to experience true love, a love that has grown slowly but deeply, based on principles as respect, trust, integrity, attention, communication, support...
    Early in our relationship we made the decision to live our lives without "drama" and since then we have enjoyed every single day of it, even with its ups and downs.... and we look forward for many many more...
  • 20 cadie 03.27.2010 | 9:05 PM

    We make our own special occasions for gifts, and each month is full of days of surprises.
  • 21 Nancy 03.28.2010 | 2:28 PM

    We laugh together...those kind of laughs that start out loud and then go silent, our bodies shaking until our stomachs ache, often tears in our eyes. When our laughter subsides, we look at each other, and start laughing all over again.
  • 22 Jen Cousineau 03.31.2010 | 8:33 AM

    My boyfriend stops in the middle of doing something to hug or kiss me. One night he was was busy getting ready for the next day and pulled me up out of the chair and danced with me right there in the kitchen. I will never forget that moment, and how he made time stand still.
  • 23 Carolyn 04.02.2010 | 9:16 PM

    My fiance is my light. He believes in my strength to persevere - steering me with hope when I don't believe in myself. He never turns away. My life is filled with sparkling moments because of him. "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world." Josephine Billings was describing my husband-to-be. I am forever grateful to have so much love in my life.
  • 24 Melanie 04.06.2010 | 9:37 PM

    I have an employee that has been married for over 20 years. Her husband sends her flowers every month on the day they met. He writes her a little note to send with the flowers every month to let her know that he loves her and how special she is to him.
  • 25 Erika Melnychuk 04.08.2010 | 11:33 AM

    He understands the value of a clean kitchen, foot rub, and a sticky note.
  • 26 Sara McClure 04.13.2010 | 9:06 PM

    I hope this works for ex boyfriends too....My ex used to write me a poem or a home made quote and put it behind all of our pictures in the house. He was a fire fighter and was scared that something would happen and things would be left unsaid. The quote we always lived by was find the one who makes your heart smile. Things may not have worked out between the two of us, but now I know what i am looking for in life. He is a great person. Sometimes, life just happens. As long as you have love in your heart, and patience, I believe someone great will come along......still waiting :) patiently waiting! i know your book will be great!
  • 27 janie 04.14.2010 | 9:58 PM

    Humor. This is what I fell in love with right from the beginning. He has a quick wit about him that makes anyone laugh. We have also learned how to say...after an arguement..."What are we going to do differently next time?" It is funny how I hear our kids resolving their arguements the same way. The most loving thing he does is...when a song is playing on the radio, he will call and put the phone up to the speaker for me to hear (it makes me smile all day long!)...especially the song "You Are The Woman That I've Always Dreamed of...I knew It From The Start..."
  • 28 Sharon 04.29.2010 | 6:47 AM

    We laugh together. We dance together. We sing together. We simply "LIVE" together.

    Laughter. I can’t say enough about how magical this element is. My fiance and I both have crazy work lives which can really make or break your day. Both of us being really passionate about what we do, it can be really easy to talk about work all day. But we make an effort to take time to not talk about it and talk about us, our lives, and laugh about it. He's the funniest, most clever, witty person I know and he has the power to break the "debbie downer" moment just by making me laugh. The weight of the disappointment, stress, or sadness goes away because I end up smiling or laughing about something he said.

    Feeding our souls. It’s so important that we help each other get into things that fills us. We also make sure that we are taking up hobbies that spark that energy of life back into us. He takes guitar lessons, I do arts and crafts, and we both take salsa dancing lessons together. It makes life so much richer and fulfilling. It makes us both feel like we are living for a great moment in life - a moment of peace, clarity, and happiness.

    Sometimes it takes work to get there- to be stress free, to be happy, to be giddy – but it’s well worth the effort. I think that’s what makes our lives beautiful everyday…because we both try to get beyond the noise of daily life and get to that peaceful, whimsical place. And it comes so natural to us to do that for each other. It takes a lot of love.
  • 29 Brad E. White 05.02.2010 | 3:52 PM

    I feel in love with the woman of my dreams when she rescued me from a brake down on the side of the road. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, long blonde hair blowing in the wind, the biggest smile and eyes that stole my heart n soul. She brought out the poetic side of me. I write her a love confession every morning on the way to work. I wake up every morning just to see her beautiful face! I love my wife, Dannie.
  • 30 Susan Fielder 05.12.2010 | 8:03 PM

    Mystery Dates... That is the answer. Once a month, we have a mystery date which alters every other month for me. It can be with each other, another couple or whatever the one in charge wants. You can do so many different things but the best one yet was going out in a glider. I was scared to death and the silence was so interesting to float in the sky. It was a blast. You always have to be thinking of what to do next and it just comes to you. Lastly, never go to bed angry with one another... It isn't easy but those were valuable words of wisdom from my grandmother.
  • 31 Sue 03.20.2011 | 7:06 PM

    Memories are the greatest sustenance - those of youthful long autumn walks with hands and hearts clasped tight; the calm silences punctuated by a familiar smile; the lingering furtive glance over a cooking adventure; the warm embrace at the end of a long day; the lazy lie-in on a Sunday morning; the tears shed together at the gift of life. I shall never want to be far from my beloved whose love is so joyous, so intoxicating I shall be a poorer spirit without it.
  • 32 Brandi Russell 11.22.2014 | 8:40 AM

    Life is made beautiful when we are living in the present moment with each other. When our iPhones are put away and we are chasing each other around the house like we used to chase each other on the playground in grade school trying to sneak a smooch under the slide on the playground. The beauty in life for couples is in connecting with each other in THIS moment. Not in talk about how life used to be or how it could, would, or should be. Connection happens right here, right now in the gratitude for each other and gratitude for an evening walk shared hand in hand, a quiet moment in the car together during the morning commute, or a message written on a napkin hidden in your lovers lunchbox.
    Beauty is found in laughing at the imperfections together: the baby spit up on your blazer, the happy birthday sign that hangs in the kitchen on fiky birthdays that actually reads HAPPY BITHDAY!
    The beauty of couples is coming together with our unique selves and seeing the perfectly imperfect beauty of US.
  • 33 Kelly Baker 05.13.2015 | 4:11 PM

    Every morning he wakes with a phone call - "Good Morning, Beautiful".

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