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If You Love Somebody…

Sixteen years ago I was sitting at my kitchen table, hard at work. I was compiling a book of quotations from some of the world’s most admired and respected women. Rosie, my six-year-old daughter, was sitting quietly on the other side of the table, scribbling with crayons and paper.

“What are you up to?” I finally asked her.

“I’m writing quotes for your book,” she answered. “Here’s one.” And she handed me a piece of notebook paper. On it, she had carefully printed in green block letters this little thought: “If you love somebody, hurry up and show it.”

I didn’t say anything for a moment, I was letting her quote sink in. I liked it. It was just nine little words from the heart of a child, but I remember thinking, “Wow—what a world this would be if all of us actually lived by those simple words.”

Finally, Rosie looked sadly at me and said, “You hate it—don’t you?”

“No, Rose, I love it,” I assured her.

“Me too,” she smiled, and then she kissed me on the cheek and skipped off down the hall.

Rosie, age 6

Rosie, age 6

Time flies. Sixteen years later, Rosie has now graduated from college, and one of Compendium’s most widely circulated books is in its 4th printing. The book is still called Brilliance". It still features quotations from some of the world’s most admired and respected women. And there, on page 93, still nestled among the great quotations from Emily Dickinson, Margaret Mead, Mother Teresa , Maya Angelou and others is that same simple but beautiful reminder from Rose Zadra, Age 6: “If you love somebody, hurry up and show it.”

It’s true. Life is too short and too precious to keep our love to ourselves. Today, take a few moments to reach out and let your family, friends, neighbors and loved ones know that you love and care for them.


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  • 1 Robin 01.05.2010 | 4:04 PM

    That quote from Rose has been one of my favorites! What a great story; it's nice to hear how it came to be part of the book!
  • 2 Julie Hill 01.05.2010 | 4:05 PM

    I am so excited for your blog. My friend introduced me to your book Five and I am in love. I can't wait for more. I cannot tell you how much I need these words.
  • 3 Barbara 01.05.2010 | 4:05 PM

    As a poet, blogger,fellow lover of quotes, and an owner of three of your is a pleasure to say "I love it!" in honor of Rosie and your new blog.

    All the best!
  • 4 Natasha 01.05.2010 | 4:44 PM

    My boy has just turned 6 and this story is just the most beautiful reminder of how kids say what they mean.....gorgeous!!
  • 5 Kathleen Overby 01.05.2010 | 4:46 PM

    Wow. So excited for your blog. I will
    enthusiastically tweet you every time.
    Worthwhile stuff to spread around and encourage many. Thx
  • 6 Deanna 01.05.2010 | 4:50 PM

    So happy that you have a blog. I too love your "5" book and I plan on purchasing more in the very near future... Thank you for inspiring me ;)
  • 7 Laurie Cross 01.05.2010 | 4:57 PM

    SO in love with Compendium products and thrilled that you have added a blog to the greatness that is Compendium! And Julie, my friend, I am SO happy that you share my love of "5!" Can't wait to see you tomorrow and show you the "1" book that Compendium gifted me with!!!!!! You need this one, too!!!
  • 8 jessica 01.05.2010 | 5:43 PM

    oh how i love you compendium...
    i'm thrilled you have a blog now!
  • 9 Sherri 01.05.2010 | 7:36 PM

    I will look forward to reading all your new posts. You guys do brilliant work. Your quotes are always a bright spot in my day! All the best to you and your team!
  • 10 A Liengboonlertchai 01.05.2010 | 8:13 PM

    I'm a fan both personal and professional. Believe in your products and the positive messages you and your team sending out to the world. Thanks for inspired all of us.

    A-Simplicity Decor
  • 11 Lindsay 01.05.2010 | 8:58 PM

    I love that story ;)
  • 12 Carolyne Taylor 01.06.2010 | 10:27 AM

    I love that quote - I haven't seen the book so that is the first time I've seen it - but I'm looking at it with teary eyes - how beautiful!
  • 13 cathy hunt 01.06.2010 | 11:19 AM

    Off to a beautifully original start! I am looking forward to seeing the shape this blog takes.
  • 14 Elizabeth Hartigan 01.08.2010 | 11:10 AM

    I love this, so sweet and love to know the story behind the book! Thank you for sharing!
  • 15 Tina from String-Ring 01.10.2010 | 8:51 AM

    Auspicious beginning! Looking forward to being one of your blog readers.
  • 16 Stephanie 01.14.2010 | 12:58 PM

    What a beautiful story. If we take the time to listen, children often say the wisest and most profound statements. My 3-year-old teaches me new things every day about life, love, humility, and forgiveness...through her words and her actions.

    Thank you for sharing this little snapshot into the making of the book. I'm going to go check out that title now, by the way...
  • 17 Karen Gilmour 01.21.2010 | 7:29 AM

    Amazing story...gave me chills!!! I love your company and your books. I use the quotes all the time in my yoga classes. THANK YOU!!!!
  • 18 secret agent l 01.24.2010 | 10:03 AM

    beautiful. simply beautiful.

    i am absolutely in love with compendium products (in love, i tell you!), and use them in the secret agent l project often.

    your company is an inspiration. i am honored to be connected to you. thank you for sharing this story and for sharing such love and kindness and inspiration in this world!

  • 19 Liliana 04.02.2010 | 9:24 PM

    You know, that is right... time flies most of the time.

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