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Little Acts Show Lots of Love This Holiday

Sometimes, it just takes a simple gesture to show a lot of heart.  Writing a love letter, making eye contact, even simply reaching over to hold hands can be full of heartfelt meaning. For this Valentine’s Day, take a little time to show how much you care.

  • Tuck a picture of both of you into someone’s wallet. Include a loving quotation on the back such as “I give you my whole heart, for my whole life." –French Proverb
  • Write someone a love note on the bathroom mirror. Include the top three adjectives you would use to describe their sweet personality.
  • Get up a little early to brew coffee for someone. Put in an extra load of laundry. Unload the dishwasher. Though it may seem small, doing a few chores shows you appreciate the hard work they do every day to create your home.
  • Give one Love Window Card each day of the month before Valentine’s—on the mirror, hidden under a pillow, coupled with flowers—for 30 days of romance.
  • Write a personal note on the inside of the With Love gift book. Your heartfelt message and the playful, romantic quotes will make someone’s day.
  • Discover your dreams together with the interactive gift book 2: How Will You Create Something Beautiful Together? It’s full of questions such as “If you could open a door to anywhere, where would you go?” that will inspire you both.

This holiday, remember that when you share your love, it’s what in your heart that matters most.



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