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A note from Compendium: We're thrilled to offer you a post by our very first guest blogger--Layla from The Lettered Cottage. Keep reading, and you'll discover exactly why we feel so lucky to have her here.


I'll never forget the day my husband, Kevin, and I discovered

It was around 1 o'clock in the morning, and we were both working on our computers in our home office. The room was dimly lit and quiet, except for the sound of our clicking keys. We were both pretty tired, but we were on a mission to finish up some internet business before we turned in for the night.

One item on Kevin's to-do list was "find the website that makes the cool metal postcards."

Earlier that day, I had received one in the mail from someone who reads my blog.

There was no return address on the package it came in.

It was a completely random act of kindness, and I was not only blown away by the sweet anonymous gesture, I was also intrigued by the super-cool metal postcard she sent me.

So as we sat at our computers that night, Kevin did a bit of surfing and eventually landed at He invited me to pull up a chair next to him, and we spent the next hour scouring the entire site together. We sat there, side by side, just taking it all in. With each click of his mouse, we found ourselves smiling. We read phrase after phrase aloud to each other, and we became filled to the brim with a fresh sense of focus and passion.

As we made our way from one Live-Inspired webpage to the next, we were re-inspired to be dreamers, do-gooders, and romantics.

We were encouraged to share our abilities, energies and talents.

We were motivated to stay hungry and foolish.

And we were reminded to preserve and protect the things that can't be replaced.

At one point, we clicked on a link that took us to a video about the "5" book. If you've never watched it, I encourage you to check it out. It has the ability to both fill you up and take your breath away, simultaneously. It's amazing.

We watched it three times in a row that night. We even paused it a few times so that we could talk about some of the thoughts it sent rushing through our heads.

The phrase, "live your life on purpose" initiated a conversation about the importance of our 'invisi-goals'--the kind of goals that concern your spirit. The kind of goals that make you feel the most alive--like being a better friend or family member, giving back more often, and thinking more positively.

The question/answer, "What is life for? Life is for YOU" sparked a discussion about the importance of seizing every one of our days. We made a pact to be more observant, and to seize even the most common of occasions and treat them all like extraordinary opportunities.

We talked and talked, and we must have smiled for an hour straight. Needless to say, it was a truly inspiring day from start to finish, and by the time we finally decided to head to bed I swear we could've floated there.

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  • 1 Deanna 08.11.2010 | 2:18 PM

    I love your post Layla. I too had a moment! I wrote about it on December 27 and later on February 13. It is hard to put into words the positive feelings and encouragement that I got from the 5 video. I was gushing over it. (I also love "One")...
    I really enjoy Compendium products. I bought a ton of their books! It is nice to have a place to go to when you need a little sunshine ;)
  • 2 Meredith 08.11.2010 | 2:31 PM

    "The Lettered Cottage" led me to "" I L-O-V-E their products!!!! The "I'm always doing things I can't do, that's how I get to do them." is the bookmark in my daily reader. It's one of the best gifts I've given myself!
  • 3 Tatum 08.11.2010 | 4:43 PM

    Well this was rather inspiring. I too was led here by TLC. Thanks for the post Layla.
  • 4 FairfieldHouse 08.11.2010 | 8:23 PM


    You inspire people daily.

  • 5 Debbie Minarik 08.11.2010 | 8:44 PM

    Live your life on purpose....Wow....I love it. Thanks Layla
  • 6 sarita 08.11.2010 | 9:52 PM

    i also found through Layla's blog, The Lettered Cottage. I have bought a few things so far that i have given the metal bookmarks also! what fun to be able to share with others.
  • 7 Shelle 08.12.2010 | 5:26 AM

    Loved the video - and looked up the 1 video, too. Very inspiring! Love stuff like this. Thank you!
  • 8 Kim 08.12.2010 | 5:46 AM

    Layla, I remember your post on that video and I watched it right away....I do EVERYTHING you ask me to.....hahahha but it was inspiring and plan to share it. Thanks for the reminder about the video....
  • 9 Debra Jordan 08.12.2010 | 7:17 AM

    Thank you! How clearly stated, pure, and clean. I plan on reading this with our child, it will be a good 'family' night book.
  • 10 Hailey Erickson 08.12.2010 | 10:56 AM

    Looks like I need to check out the '5 book!'
  • 11 Jen 08.13.2010 | 3:39 AM

    A good friend of mine turns 51 in just a few days, so I am presenting to her the "5" and the "1" books side by side to celebrate the occasion. I think she will love both books!
  • 12 patty 08.13.2010 | 12:49 PM

    Once again you have me distracted from my job.. i love reading the blog and this was my first time here and i will be back...
    Thank you as always...
  • 13 Urlan 07.24.2017 | 10:23 PM

    Great Post, I love to read articles that are informative and actually have good content. Thank you for sharing your experiences and I look forward to reading more.

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