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We're glad to introduce you to a new guest blogger this week! Robyn is a writer who contacted us a while back with an idea that we truly appreciated. She followed up with us again recently, and we knew right away that her story was one you'd love reading.


Do you know that over 300,000 Americans each month search the internet for something to inspire them? I guess that's what I was doing the day I came across Compendium. I remember the excitement rising in me, like a kid in a candy store, when I first found Compendium, Inc. All the colors, designs, and words of purpose and integrity made me feel alive.

Inspiration can be when you smile or yawn or laugh around someone and they naturally do that too. When I became inspired by Compendium's website, I knew that I wanted to inspire others through my words also; after reaching out to women on my website, I decided that I wanted to inspire children too.

I have always loved to write. But like many of us, I have doubted the things that come easiest to me. Placing the effort into something for the sheer joy of it, without having expectations of success, was scary to me. Then, I reminded myself that my two toddlers Lilly and Chloe put on dancing performances because they can. They feel inspired and they act on it. Just like that. They do it because of how it makes them feel. They do it because they love to see their Daddy and me smile. It is a little bit of yumminess that is given freely but is priceless to all involved.

Following their example, I decided to write a book to inspire children. I am proud to introduce LOVELY DREAMS. It is a beautiful, whimsical picture book illustrated by Sophie Fletcher, and geared towards 2-6 year-olds. Ultimately, LOVELY DREAMS is an affirmation book for children and adults alike! It encourages us to use imagination, play, and the power of intention to harness our dreams. And after a few reads, I guarantee you'll be walking around saying to yourself, "I can do anything asleep or awake, I can do anything my dreams can make..."

I often wonder what can be accomplished in our worlds if we all believed in ourselves from an early age? If we all truly understood that we could do anything our dreams can make? If you were to know without a doubt in your being that you could do anything you wanted to, what would you do?

To all, Lovely Dreaming!

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  • 1 Anne Brown 10.23.2010 | 6:36 PM

    This book is a must for all little ones and their families. The message is a must, it is free and most important during these tough economical times. Read the book and start every day inspired and with confidence that your dreams will come true!
  • 2 Janine Cuthbertson 10.25.2010 | 8:09 PM

    We too adore reading Lovely Dreams. Every night I ask my 3 year old daughter to pick out the books she wants read for bed time and the other night she stated, "The one about dreaming, I really like that one!"
  • 3 Felice Lam 12.06.2010 | 11:23 AM

    "If you were to know without a doubt in your being that you could do anything you wanted to, what would you do?"

    Great question to ask ourselves, Robyn.

    Thanks for writing this.
  • 4 Robyn 12.06.2010 | 11:49 AM

    You are so welcome Felice.

    It is said that we often write or talk about what we need to hear the most. This is definitely true for me.

    Lovely dreams... and then doing!
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  • 6 Robyn Cruze 12.20.2011 | 8:59 AM

    Hi there! Merry Xmas! I am so glad you got something out of my article! You can purchase Lovely Dreams on:

    Cheers to a wonderful 2012 of lovely dreaming!

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