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Optimism is Good For You

Do you know someone who always sees a light where there is none? Someone whose life might be full of worries and uncertainties, and yet still seems upbeat? That someone you know knows something remarkable--the treasure of optimism. Because sometimes, just the act of believing that things will work out helps the world to work that way.

Optimists believe that good things will happen, and, when things go wrong, they see them as temporary setbacks--not roadblocks. They'll work the problem through until they've solved it, or until they've learned enough to try and try again, a little bit wiser and a little bit stronger.

And their persistence pays off: recent studies prove that optimism has a lifelong impact on our overall health and well-being. Research at the Mayo Clinic shows that, over 30 years, optimists live longer, and that their will to stay upbeat no matter what seems to become a dedication to get healthy, and love the life they've been given. (Click here for a New York Times article that tells more.)

If optimism doesn't come naturally to you, try to end your day on a positive note. Taking a few minutes to jot down three positives from the day can help--minutes that might turnaround tomorrow (or other tomorrows) in quiet but remarkable ways. A notebook by your bedside table can serve as a reminder that there's one last thing to do before sleep--cultivating a new habit of optimism.



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  • 1 Leah Adams 06.05.2012 | 4:52 PM

    Love the task at the end of the post. This seems like something I can actually do, which will definitely help me retain the pep I feel today on a future cloudy day.

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