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Reverse Trick-or-Treating

Most of us think of Halloween as a holiday for little ones--a day for kids to be enchanted with costumes and flickering candlelight and the prospect of free candy. But here at Compendium, we like to think of it a little differently. We think adults can get in on the fun. And since we're always on the lookout for ways to make each day more festive, we showed up to work last Monday looking like this:

After a morning of work and a potluck lunch, we set out to spread a little seasonal cheer by reverse trick-or-treating--giving away our books and journals to local businesses, pedestrians, neighbors, and passersby. We split up into four groups and headed out with baskets full of bright and inspiring treats to give away. We visited doctors' offices and cafes, retail stores, and banks...

and passed out goodies to cyclists, bus drivers, and people in their cars, waiting for the light to change.

We even tracked down a parking enforcement officer to share a little holiday joy.

Some people giggled and gave us high-fives. Lots of people needed to be convinced that we weren't selling anything. "No," we said, "we're reverse trick-or-treating. These surprises are for you." We got hugs from a stranger who was delighted to be given a gift with no strings attached. One woman from a dentist's office came out to thank us a second time and to tell us how much we'd touched her heart. Two women who had just spent their morning volunteering told us this was proof that the good you give to the world really does come back to you.

We returned to the office with empty baskets and stories to share. And in the spirit of sharing, we're passing this story on to you, along with a challenge to add a little unexpected joy to the world today. Your gesture can be a small one or something more extravagant. We'd love it if you'd share your ideas here. How will you add some joy and unexpected delight to someone's day? What can you do to pass it on?


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  • 1 Kathy 11.08.2011 | 2:07 PM

    When I need to go to the High School because one of our daughters forgot something, I bring a dove candy and give it to the secretary, security officers...spread the Love
  • 2 patricia zadra 12.30.2011 | 8:11 PM

    What a terrific idea - how fun for your team and a wonderful surprise for those who received one of your books. It is true that those who give oftern get more in return. I live in Milwaukee and we have Culvers drive thru - they are known for the butter burgers. When I am at the booth paying for my food I have asked the person working at Culvers to add on the food for the car behind me. Thus when the car pulls up they are told their food was paid for by a complete stranger. It is my way of trying to spread some kindness and yes it is fun for me. Pat Zadra - Mequon WI

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