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To Mom, For All the Wonderful Things You Do

 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 82.5 million moms in the U.S. (including yours), but more than three times that many Mother's Day cards and gifts will be given out this year. Why? Because Mom has been a lot busier than most of us realize.

For starters, it turns out that she is not just your mom, she is also someone’s sweetheart, wife, or best friend---and that definitely deserves a couple more cards or gifts.


If you have brothers and sisters, you’ll probably run into them at the card or gift shop this year, because your mom is their special Mom, too.


Now consider that your mom may also be someone’s cherished stepmother, adoptive mother, godmother and/or grandmother. I can remember that my big sister Lynne’s house used to look like a jam-packed Hallmark store on Mother’s Day. A single mom, Lynne somehow held down a full-time job, raised seven great kids of her own, and still found time to nurture several beloved grandchildren and godchildren---and they all made the pilgrimage to her house each year with a special card or gift in hand.




Today, our mothers are not only managing the home, they are also leading the House and the Senate. These days your mother may still be running the PTA, but chances are she may also be leading her company, community, church, hospital or volunteer organization.


"We mothered this nation," wrote former White House correspondent Liz Carpenter, "and we have no intention of abandoning our roles as nurturer or wife, mother, loving daughter, tax-paying citizen, homemaker, breadwinner."


How does Mom do it?  I’m not sure. Just be glad she does. And on Mother’s Day, be sure to celebrate, honor, love and affirm her.


Note: Continue our Mother's Day conversation; tell us about your Mom and the special ways she cares for you.

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  • 1 Jerry 05.03.2010 | 4:44 PM

    I once had a manager at a busy restaurant who wasn't your typical boss. Her job was incredibly stressful but despite all the difficulties it posed she put her workers first. She would remember all of our birthdays and give us those days off in advance without even asking even if it meant she had to work our shifts. She'd make us home made cookies to celebrate special days in our lives, nurture us when we were sick, listen to us when we were down and celebrated us when we were up. I remember coming across the She... book and saved it for a couple months to give it to her as thoughtful gift on Mother's day. All the quotes in the book described her perfectly. As she thumbed through it briefly, all the stress on her face disappeared and she lit up and smiled at me with tears in her eyes. That book said all the things I couldn't dream to put in to words, and encapsulated what type of a strong figure she was to me in my life all of my co-workers at that time.
  • 2 Shane 05.05.2010 | 12:37 AM

    So, my mom is an incredible woman. Young mother of four. Intelligent, beautiful heart, thoughtful, nurturing, giving, supportive, loyal... she is the definition of "Mother."
    Like us all, she has her idiosyncrasies. One that used to just drive me crazy.
    But I have come to find this particular quality quite humerous, cute, ...and something that I now just love about her.

    She has this thing where she messes up words. English IS her first language, mind you. She was born and raised in California. For the life of her, she can not pronounce words correctly, no matter how often you tell her the correct way, or if you spell it out. ...If you have seen the episode of Friends, where Pheobe is trying to teach Joey french, you'll know exactly what I mean. Joey thinks he's repeating exactly what Pheobe says, but it isn't even close.... Do you remember this episode? So great! I swear that is my mom.

    She can not say "Massachusetts" - she says "MassaTusetts."
    "Naked" - she says it "neck-ed"
    "Lowe's" as in the Home and Garden store - she says "Lowells," we've showed her there's no L at the end. It's still "Lowells"
    "Chipotle" as in the restaurant - she says "Chipot-TA," you wouldn't guess she's part Hispanic.
    "Epiphany" - she says "Epifamy"
    "Saver" - she instead uses "sever"

    And my new favorite, ...the other day I wrote her an email and told her to 'go check out my new Blog.' Mind you, I wrote this to her. She wrote back, "Oh, so that's a "BLOB."


    *sigh* ...I love you, mom. You're fabulous!!!!

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