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What Do You Do With a Chance? Is Here to Inspire Amazing Acts of Bravery

What do you do when a big chance comes your way—a chance that excites, entices, and scares you, all at the same time? Do you ignore it? Do you shy away from it? Or do you grab hold and let it take you to places you’ve never been?

What Do You Do With a Chance?—the final book in our New York Times best-selling series—is here and inspiring readers of all ages to be brave and embrace the wondrous opportunities that come their way. Because you never know when taking a chance just might lead to something remarkable.

In the third book of the series, our favorite character from What Do You Do With an Idea? and What Do You Do With a Problem? now finds himself encountering a chance, represented by a golden, origami-style butterfly. Fear and uncertainty leave him unsure of what to do as chance after chance circle around him. And regret and disappointment soon follow when he realizes he’s let his chances slip away. But with a bit of courage and a lot of resolve, the boy discovers that when you’re brave and say yes to new experiences, amazing things can happen. Through brilliant watercolors and pencil drawings, illustrator Mae Besom takes us on a journey from the gloominess of a life spent playing it safe to one lived full out.

The first two books in the award-winning series are a call to nurture bright ideas and face your fears, and What Do You Do With a Chance? offers the perfect concluding message: go for it!

“I want these books to encourage kids to make every moment count, to hold nothing back, to live their best life,” says author Kobi Yamada. “The reality is we’re all only here for a little while; this is our one and only shot. If we are going to make some kind of positive difference in the world, it starts with the belief that we can.”

As the new year hands you new ideas, challenges, and chances, we hope the words in the entire What Do You Do With…? series remind you of all the possibilities around and within you. And that this year can be one of daring discoveries and grand adventures.

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  • 1 Jennifer Noble 03.30.2018 | 6:24 AM

    Hello Kobi, I am a teacher in a Sydney school in Australia. My mother sadly passed away on 3rd February this year. Her funeral was held on 10th February. As you can imagine it has been a sad couple of months for all of my family. My brothers felt that they were unable to give a eulogy and so the task fell to me. "It's the little moments that make life big." is the quote that so aptly describes my mum. Here are some of my words that you Kobi helped me find through those simple seven words arranged in such an inspirational way that made them so meaningful to me.
    "Our mum had a big life. She cumulated little moments that became memories for her and others. It's as if she searched out the moments and when she found them she grabbed them and treasured them so that she and the moments became one. These captured moments are the essence of the memories that she created for us all." Thankyou Kobi for your inspiring words. They helped me pull together a eulogy that was a fitting tribute to my mother. I felt the need to pass onto you how much you helped me at such a sad time in my life. If ever you come to Australia please come and visit my school. I work in low socio economic area. The students and I would love to meet you. It sounds as if you have found your "sweet spot". Thanks again.

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