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Who is she?

You know her. Her spirit is the first thing people notice. Her mind always had a mind of its own. Her heart, though it has sometimes been hurt, bears a strong resemblance to a daffodil: it always flowers again.

We know her, too. She's the sister who follows her heart, the mother who lives such a beautiful example, the friend who's a constant source of inspiration. She's the coworker who brightens everything around her, and the neighbor who always knows when to stop by with a surprise. She's vibrant and spirited; she's brilliant and strong. And when we started thinking about it, we realized there are so many women like her that we set to work on a book that would celebrate and affirm these women and the wonderful things they add to the everyday.

Writer M.H. Clark and designer Heidi Rodriguez created I Am Her with their own favorite women in mind—mothers, sisters, best friends. They wanted the book to feel like a collection of ideas and beautiful things—a scrapbook of poetry, quotations, and images to prompt contemplation, creativity, and growth. It's a book to read, a book to write in, a book to ponder, and a book to share.

We're so excited about this book that we're giving away copies to five lucky winners who tell us who she is, and why she matters so much. Is she traveling the world? Is she making big changes in her life? Is she a bit of a dreamer, a dancer, a truth-teller? Nominate her here on our blog, or on our Facebook page. Just make sure to tell us about her by November 1, 2011 at 11:59 pm PST. Five lucky winners will receive two copies of I Am Her—one to give away to the person they nominate, and one to keep!

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  • 1 Linda 10.13.2011 | 5:49 PM

    I have two very good friends who both lost their husbands this summer. I would give each of them a copy, because even in their pain, they continue to be that woman I want to be when I grow up! We are all teachers who care so much about our kids at school, and I would just love to encourage them to continue making the world a better place just by being themselves.
    Thank you for offering such a lovely giveaway!
  • 2 Kara 10.14.2011 | 9:57 AM

    I would give I AM HER to my friend who has been battling anorexia for the last 20 years. Everyday she battles the inner voice that tells her she is not beautiful. Everyday is a battle for her to rise above that voice and find the real truth within that she is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever been so fortunate to come across.
  • 3 Bethany 10.14.2011 | 10:31 AM

    I was told last night by my parents that they are going to divorce. I went over to a neighbors house almost immediately and talked to her, and cried with her. She too has gone through a divorce in her teenager years and is understanding all that I am going through and will go through. After the many tears, we watched a chick flick and then I stayed overnight to just get away. She is offering anything that she can do to help me and my family through this immeasurably rough time. She is just so giving and inspiring. This book would be just marvelous for her to give back a little bit to so much she has given me. Thank you!
  • 4 Chelsea 10.14.2011 | 10:36 AM

    She is my best friend who I have shared the last 4 years of my college career with! She is everything you've mentioned and so much more to me and all the people who are lucky to come in contact with her. She is a beautiful light that sparkles and shines as a beacon of hope and joy. She is resilient and strong and continually triumphs through every life obstacle thrown her way. She is bold and brave and pursuing her own dream and business. And she inspires me to be the best person I can be and to love all and live honestly. She is my soul's sister and I don't know what I'd do without her! We both love your products, buy them for each other, and truly adore your company's philosophy. Your work is beautiful and continually empowers my friends and I. Thank you! :]
  • 5 Lucia 10.14.2011 | 10:39 AM

    She is a woman who is a mother, daughter, friend and mentor. She has mentored me since I was seven years old and has been the constant support in my life since then. I am 31 years old and have known Ellen much of my life. She started out as a social worker in my life, getting me to talk about what I needed within the classroom as I was dealing with a disability and didn't like to stand out too much or bother people. However, the relationship grew and she has been a woman I aspire to be like. She is strong in her faith, strong in her beliefs, a nuturing mother and friend and like a second mother in my life. She has a heart of gold and I am forever grateful for her presence in my life. I would give the book to Ellen because she is all the things this book encompasses PLUS many more.
  • 6 Traci 10.14.2011 | 10:48 AM

    She is a pillar of strength for her children, she would give the shirt off of her back when she doesn't have one to wear. She is a survivor of domestic violence, still raising her children with unwavering morals and respect. She is a best friend and one of the strongest woman I know. She loves God, but is still unsure of herself, she is starting over always putting her kids in front of herself, making decisions she never knew she could make. She is working everyday to shatter the soundproof glass of a past of heartache and trials. She is me.
  • 7 Willi 10.14.2011 | 3:04 PM

    My friend Angela is the woman who inspires me. She always has a smile or a joke and she brightens the lives of all those around her. She has cancer, but you'd never know it when you talk to her. She's a source of strength for her son, her friends, and everyone she meets. Angela doesn't expect miracles, she doesn't complain, and she doesn't whine. She just gets up every day with a smile and tackles whatever challenges come her way. I think about her whenever I'm have a rough moment, or things are going my way - because if she can face the world with a positive attitude, there is no reason in the world that I can't!
  • 8 Amy K 10.15.2011 | 4:27 AM

    I'm amazed at this post showing up in my reader, as I was just thinking that this book would be a wonderful gift for a dear friend of mine. She has endured so much adversity over the past two years, but does so with such grace. Her faith has been tested, but her spirit still shines through and inspires those of us around her. Even though she continues to struggle, she's taking baby steps toward on her path toward healing. Even though she sometimes feels so alone, I want her to know how loved she is, and how blessed I am to call her my friend.
  • 9 John Joaquin 10.19.2011 | 2:25 PM

    I would give this book to my beautiful and strong wife Debra. Not only did she raise 5 children for me, she battled and won cancer...not once, but twice! She is more than everything I could have imagined for myself, our 5 kids and 8 grand children. I think this would be the just a small reminder of what she is to me.
  • 10 Emilie 10.21.2011 | 1:49 PM

    I would love to give this to my mom. She is a wonderful mom and grandmother and sacrifices continuously for her family.
  • 11 Laura Shepherd 10.28.2011 | 1:24 AM

    I would give this book to one of my best friends in the whole world. She is someone who deeply inspires me. She is strong in so many ways. Strong-willed. Strong-mind. Strong-heart. Just over 6 months ago, she gave birth to a pre-mature and beautiful son. But he didn't survive. I still can't imagine her loss and pain that she went through, but despite her loss, her heart remains strong. She is always encouraging ME! I feel like I need to do more for her. She's a reader. She's a mentor. She's my best friend.
  • 12 Meredith 10.30.2011 | 6:55 PM

    I would give one to my sister. My sister has dealt with depression and anxiety for most of her life. She often felt that she wasn't worth anything and didn't deserve to be happy. While she still deals with these issues, she has been fighting back and has been creating a life for herself. She will be graduating college in a month and this would be a great book to help her enter into the next phase of her life and let her know how strong and awesome she really is.
  • 13 Lori 10.31.2011 | 2:35 PM

    My dear friend is an amazing, adventurous soul with a loving and kind heart. She inspires me daily! After some struggles this year, she is about to embark on a new journey and this book will make a wonderful gift that she can take and keep with her always.
  • 14 NAil 09.20.2017 | 5:39 AM

    Make a wonderful gift!

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