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As a writer, I've always believed wholeheartedly in the power of words. Words to express gratitude, words to express love, words to apologize, to build relationships, share joys, process the world around us. In the few months that I've worked at Compendium, it's become even more apparent to me how the right words at the right time can change someone's day.

One of my jobs here is to find a daily quote to post to our Facebook account. I choose quotes from books we publish, or quotes that people share with me, or quotes from our gigantic quote database, which is filled with thousands of statements from all kinds of people, on all kinds of topics. An hour in the quote database is like a whirlwind trip through the ages. There are thoughts from Roman statesmen, movie stars, saints, poets, philosophers, and football players. Most days, a quote hits me hard right between the ribs, and I know that's the one to use.

But the best part of the whole process is hearing from all of you, and knowing that those words hit close to home for someone else. I love watching the responses come in from our Facebook fans, especially when they're along the lines of "this is exactly what I needed to hear today."

A few weeks ago, I came up with the idea of sending our quotes out to a broader population--not just to those who purchase our books, or those who've added us to their Facebook network. I wanted to make it possible for our words to find people at home, in the world. Serendipitously.

So Dan Zadra and I asked our warehouse staff to stockpile some Window Cards for us--cards that arrived at the distribution center in dented or damaged boxes, but whose contents were still perfect. Now, we're giving those cards away. In a big way. We want to send thousands of Window Cards out into the world, and we want you to be involved.

How? Send me your mailing address, and we'll send you an envelope full of Window Cards. Each one will carry its own message of inspiration. They'll be assorted. And they won't be for you. They'll be for you to give to friends, or leave in mailboxes, or place on a park bench or in between the covers of a library book. They're for brightening the bus driver's day, or the waitress', or the parking attendant's. And with any luck, they'll hit close to home in just the right way.

A note from Compendium, April 2011:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Words Have Wings project! We received inquiries from all around the United States and the world, and sent thousands of Window Cards off to meet people in surprising and unexpected ways. The project is closed for now, but please check our blog regularly for updates--we hope to create similar events in the future, and look forward to your participation!

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  • 1 Maureen Antoine Stockman 09.07.2010 | 2:38 PM

    LOVE your window cards!
  • 2 Sandie Davis 09.07.2010 | 2:42 PM

    OHMYGOSH! I am totally loving this idea!! I am eager to start this and see just how much happiness and hope it can put back into this messed up crazy world! YEAH for Compendium!! This is awesome! THANK YOU!!!
  • 3 Shelly D. 09.07.2010 | 2:55 PM

    I LOVE quotes! I LOVE Compendium!! I share quotes as something "hits home" with me on my Facebook, on my bulletin board at work, and on my refridgerator at home (usually as some indirect advice/message to someone who needs it at the moment). Reading a quote can be like going to church for the first time in months and deciding the pastor knew you were coming and wrote the message with you in mind. One friend recently commented how much she loved/appreciated my sharing of quotes; another started her own quote compliation of my shared quotes. I know everyone who receives one of these random bits of inspiration will be better because of it. Thank you for the chance to participate!!!
  • 4 Charin 09.07.2010 | 4:05 PM

    I love Compendium :) This company inspires me!
  • 5 Jess 09.07.2010 | 4:35 PM

    What a FABULOUS idea!!! I absolutely love Compendium!!! I just sent you an email with my mailing address. I would love to get involved with this! :)
  • 6 Gaby 09.07.2010 | 4:54 PM

    Love Compendium! : )
    "In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer." - Albert Camus
  • 7 Kristy 09.07.2010 | 5:18 PM

    Absolutely AWESOME idea!!
  • 8 Donna 09.13.2010 | 5:43 AM

    This could change the world one note at a time. Thank you
  • 9 Melissa S. 09.13.2010 | 7:11 AM

    I absolutely adore this idea and can't wait to participate!
  • 10 Paula Farrington 09.13.2010 | 8:03 AM

    Glorious idea ... what a marvelous way to put words of inspiration into action!
  • 11 jen@homeinthecountry 09.13.2010 | 8:16 AM

    This is such a great idea! Thanks!
  • 12 Cindy Broaddus 09.13.2010 | 8:55 AM

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!
  • 13 Cheri 09.13.2010 | 10:49 AM

    Love this idea!
  • 14 Bobbie 09.13.2010 | 2:57 PM

    Great idea!
  • 15 Vicki 09.13.2010 | 6:04 PM

    Count me in!
  • 16 Barbara Frazier 09.13.2010 | 7:23 PM

    What a blessing !
  • 17 Layla 09.14.2010 | 6:53 AM

    Sending you guys a great big e-hug for being so awesome as always. :-)

  • 18 Gratitude Girls (Elizabeth) 09.14.2010 | 5:18 PM

    What a wonderful idea, I just sent in an email would love to spread seeds of inspiration, love, and gratitude to others! Thank you!
  • 19 Rita 09.18.2010 | 7:49 AM

    Just came across this thru Lettered Cottage. I love this and have something similar in my little quiet space. Nice to share all of this to people we may never know personally, but I am sure in all cases touching out to all at different time in their lives.
  • 20 Patricia Lamke 11.07.2010 | 9:18 AM

    This is beautiful. Most human's act from ego and recognition. I love this idea of making someone's day and them not knowing who it was.
  • 21 Brenda 11.11.2010 | 5:30 PM

    I received a box of Believe window cards and after I opened a new one each day I placed them in a bowl. Now I reach in for a new inspiration each day and share it on facebook with my friends. Some days are so bleak that the window cards give me hope and inspire me.
  • 22 Crystal 11.18.2010 | 3:59 AM

    Love It!!!!
  • 23 Thinkie 01.27.2011 | 10:01 AM

    What a fantastic project!

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