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Candy Cane Address Labels
Download Word Template
Download PDF Template
Snowflakes Address Labels
Download Word Template
Download PDF Template

Templates to Download

Step one:

Select your design and click to download the template appropriate for your software needs:
• If you have Microsoft® Word, download the Word Template.
• If you do not have Microsoft® Word, download the PDF Template. Please note
   if using the PDF Template, font and text alignment are fixed and cannot be adjusted.
• If you require a different file format, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Step two:

Type your name and address into the fields provided on the template, replacing the text with your own information.

Step three:

To check the alignment, first print your information onto a standard sheet of 8.5” x 11” paper. (If you are using the PDF Template, be sure to uncheck the “Fit to Page” box in the Print dialog box.) Then, place the printed sheet on top of an address label sticker sheet, lining up the edges of the paper so the sticker designs can be seen under your typed information. Verify that your text is properly aligned within the address label sticker borders and graphics; if not, adjust your text and test again.

Step four:

When your text looks just right, print onto your address label sticker sheets, feeding one sheet of labels at a time into your printer. Be sure the ink has dried completely before using, and you’re finished!

We cannot guarantee that these templates will be compatible with every printer or software type because of variations in age, quality, or platform of the equipment and/or software.