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I Love Monkey

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Along comes this loveable character with a wonderful story of encouragement and self-esteem for kids. Monkey's beautiful message is one that every teacher and parent hopes their children will hear.

-Terri Atkinson
Middle school teacher

My grandkids can't wait to hear this story again and again as they imagine Monkey assuming other identities, then finding the best identity of all-himself. This book holds a great "Be yourself" message for a time in which there is much pressure to conform.

-Joan Barker

My 9-year-old daughter received I Love Monkey as a gift and loves it. She read it again last night to me at bedtime with a smile on her face. Then she said, "I love Monkey too, and I'm glad that he knew to just be himself." The message is so clear to her-it's good just to be the real you, that you don't need to try be something you're not.

-Sofia Goff

I Love Monkey Book

Written by S. Kaufman

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Every child is a marvel, a unique and irreplaceable gift to the world—but, down deep, not every child believes it. It’s up to us—parents, teachers, grandparents—to let our children know that they are loved and treasured just as they are. That’s what makes the I Love Monkey book so special. Throughout the book, Monkey tries to be something special—a squirrel, a bunny, a bee. But Monkey finally realizes that the most special thing of all is being yourself—no one in the whole wide world can ever do that better than you. Share the universal message found in the I Love Monkey book with children, teens, and adults.

  • Hardcover with dust jacket
  • 10.75” H x 10.5” W
  • 36 pages

    Winner of the PTPA Award
    Winner of the Mom's Choice Award

    Winner of the PTPA Media Inc. Seal of Approval and the Mom's Choice Award

    Author Bio:
    Suzanne Kaufman lives with two monkeys, Eleanor and Katie, who sometimes pretend to be girls. Her story was inspired by them, a series of goofy doodles, and a cup of coffee with the really nice people at Compendium. Born in the Midwest, Suzanne grew up with a healthy dose of Saturday morning cartoons and macaroni and cheese. Her style is inspired by lots and lots and lots of monkeys and 50’s-era cartoons.