5 Simple Ways to Spread Joy

Jul 28, 2017

Making a meaningful impact can be as simple as using our everyday words in a creative way: a thoughtful comment, an unexpected note, or even a charming gift tag can truly brighten someone's day and make a difference. And it’s so rewarding to surprise and delight the people we love and care about.

Our gifts and cards offer many thoughtful, easy, and playful possibilities for sharing fun messages with family and friends. Here are five of our favorite ways to spread a little joy.

1. Tie one to a bottle. 
Are you bringing a bottle of wine to a dinner with friends? A one-of-a-kind gift tag can transform this simple gift into a beautifully meaningful one, and the effort will only take a few extra minutes. Our On Words cards feature bright sentiments and plenty of room to express appreciation for the good times ahead. Your friends will savor your kind words long after the meal is over.

2. Slip one into luggage. 
Time apart can become a special occasion to write to someone you normally see every day. Next time a loved one leaves town without you, try slipping a card (or two or three) into their luggage. Whether they’re leaving for an extended business trip or sleepaway summer camp, they’ll be delighted to discover a message from your heart when they arrive at their destination. With so many inspiring quotations and vibrant designs to choose from, you’ll find a card that’s just right from our Positively Green line.

3. Put one in the mail. 
One of the most classic ways of saying “I’m thinking of you” is through a vacation postcard, and with so much communication happening digitally, handwritten words delivered by postal mail is now more enjoyable than ever to receive. On your next getaway, toss a set of our Send Thesepostcards into your bag—even if you’re just travelling to the neighborhood coffee shop—and share these bright messages with friends and family.

4. Place one on a desk. 
Consider acknowledging your quietly hardworking coworker, the one who comes through for the team again and again and add this fun twist. Keep the note anonymous and leave it on their desk! This deserving person just might be glowing for days, wondering who took the time to plan the sweet surprise. Our Yes, You cards are a perfect way to deliver a little message with a lot of heart.

5. Add one to your tip. 
Perhaps you visit the same café or take-out restaurant often. Does the barista or server make you feel like family? On your next visit, you can return the warmth by adding a small pop-open card to their tip. If you carry around one of our ThoughtFulls in your bag, your gratuity can include a spontaneous surprise message with sincere gratitude.

Try out these simple gestures, and you’ll come up with even more opportunities for finding and spreading joy in your life. We’d love to hear how our products are inspiring you to share positivity in surprising ways with others. Email us at sayhello@compendiuminc.com and tell us what amazing discoveries you’ve made!