Invite a Year of Intention

Dec 18, 2020

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”—Annie Dillard

The changing of the calendar year has traditionally been an invitation to rev up—to set new goals, create motivating resolutions, and make exciting plans. But this year, many of us find ourselves in an extended state of waiting—waiting to travel, waiting to pick up the dreams we put on hold, waiting to return to some semblance of “normal.” In light of this, what does it look like to look ahead? What does it mean to fully embrace the New Year?

While the future is filled with questions, there are still so many opportunities to make the present extraordinary. To reconnect with your curiosities. To create rituals that make each day richer. And to choose to live full of purpose and passion.

Setting personal intentions is a great place to begin. Unlike goals, which shift our focus to “someday,” intentions ground us in the present. Intentions are the values we commit to again and again that make way for goals and dreams to come true. For example, a goal to visit a new country may feel out of reach, but an intention to find adventure every week is accessible right now, wherever you are.

We’ve pulled together a few exercises and prompts from our products to help you explore and create your own intentions for the New Year. We hope these free downloadable activities add joy and anticipation to your 2021 planning.

Commit to a Word
Create. Powerful. Seek. Brave. Are there words you want to amplify in your life? Maybe it is a word that challenges or excites you. Use these pages from our Words to Live By guided journal as a template for letting a single word guide you, whether it is for a day, a week, or the whole year.

Shift Your Perspective
How can you see your world anew? Try this fun exercise from our Up for Anything activity deck and see what happens when you label everyday objects with inspiring new names. What if you renamed your stove the “joy maker” or your vacuum cleaner “background music”? Explore how seeing the familiar with fresh eyes can spark fresh ideas.

Make a Difference
You don’t have to be a “person of influence” to be influential. Take some time to reflect on the people who’ve made a difference in your life and how you can carry their lessons forward using the prompts in our 1 book . What intentions could you create around connecting with those who matter to you?

Ask Yourself Big Questions
2021 is a season of many questions. Why not embrace it? What if you asked yourself something new every week and, in doing so, gave yourself different ideas to play with and explore? Answer these questions from our What If activity book and let them inspire new questions and new discoveries.


Find even more uplifting ways to bring intention and connection to your New Year with these gifts.