Sharing A Beautiful Thought Only Takes A Moment

Apr 9, 2018

Whose life could you touch today? Whose world could you brighten with a simple note? Thoughtful words have the power to change someone’s day for the better. And it only takes a moment to make a big difference!

Our Beautiful Thoughts postcards make it easy to share something meaningful. Each elegant box holds 60 cards, featuring two each of 30 quotations. Organized by five themes—Inspire, Appreciate, Love, Celebrate, and Connect—this collection makes it simple to find just the right words for just the right person.

April is National Letter Writing Month and the perfect time to spread a bit of joy with a handwritten note. Here are a few quick ways you can use Beautiful Thoughts to delight the people in your life this month:

  • Share a note a day
    Each set offers 30 different postcards, so there is a new thought to share with someone special every day of the month!
  • Send something short and sweet
    A simple note to say “I appreciate you,” “You inspire me,” or “Your friendship means the world,” can mean so much. Use a postcard to remind someone how remarkable they truly are.
  • Leave cards in unexpected places
    Each postcard holds an uplifting quote to make anyone smile. Leave one on a coworker’s desk. Drop one at a neighbor’s doorstep. Or leave one for your favorite barista. There are countless places to hide a bit of cheer.

Let National Letter Writing Month inspire creativity and meaningful connections with those around you. Celebrate those you care about with a handwritten note today.