And Then... Volume Two

Story Starters: 20 Imaginative Beginnings

Written by M.H. Clark

Illustrated by Alexandra Ball

And Then... is a collection of 20 beginnings. What will the endings look like? It’s up to you. Each of the cards in this box has a tantalizing start to a story you and your child will want to finish. After the “And then…” it’s up to you to decide what happens next. Encourage self-expression, creativity, and confidence at home, on the road, or in the classroom.

Volume Two features stories of time capsules, space shuttles, enchanted gardens, and more!

Download fun activities from And Then...Volume Two and our other children's activity books in our blog post.

Box Size:
9.6"H x 7.75"W
Card Size:
9"H x 7.25"W
Card Count:
20 cards

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