Inspiring Art Printed on Wood

Art has a way of speaking directly to our hearts, grounding us in what matters, and reminding us of what’s possible. Here & There brings together natural wood, uplifting messages, and contemporary designs in a way that’s sure to add inspiration to the places you live and love. 

The perfect gift to acknowledge big risks, tough times, or quiet dreams, this mini piece offers motivation and gentle encouragement for whatever lies ahead. Because being brave isn’t being without fear—being brave is choosing what matters most. 

Inspired by Compendium’s Courage gift book. 

  • Design showcases the natural grain pattern of the wood, so each piece has its own unique character 
  • Each piece comes predrilled for easy hanging
  • Made with FSC®-Mix Certified wood
Product Line:
Here & There
1 piece of art, screen-printed on 1.5” thick natural wood
4”W x 3.5”W x 1.5”D

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