What Do You Do With an Idea? Gift Set

Written by Kobi Yamada

Illustrated by Mae Besom

What do ideas become? Big things, brave things, smart things, good things. Things like stories, artwork, journeys, inventions, communities, products, and cures. Everything you see around you was once an idea.

Inside this charming keepsake box you’ll find the New York Times best-selling book What Do You Do With an Idea? and a miniature companion Idea plush egg. Inspire anyone, at any age, who’s ever had an idea with this enchanting gift set.

  • A timeless tale that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike
  • Perfect for birthdays, graduations, new jobs, retirement, or just because
  • Keepsake box offers an elevated, ready-to-go gift
Clamshell box with a hardcover book and miniature plush
Box Size:
12.75″W x 9.5″H x 2.65″D

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