Once Upon a Time...

A Storytelling Kit for Making Family Memories into Tales

Written by Miriam Hathaway

Illustrated by Dinara Mirtalipova

There’s a special, hidden place between you and your child. A world of memory where stories magically take shape as you live and grow together. This is the place where tales come to life: tall tales, true tales, tales of bravery and strength, and tales of friendship and enchanted moments. And like all the best-told stories, they get better and better over time. 

This captivating storytelling kit includes 20 illustrated cards to prompt the telling of family memories and also includes a companion storybook to capture every tale. Step into the world that you and your child know best: your very own Once Upon a Time.

  • A wonderful gift for children ages 37
  • Enjoy during family road trips, family activity time, and story time

Learn more about the creative inspiration behind the kit here.

Begin sharing your family stories using these downloadable cards from the kit. Click here to download.

Was: $29.95
Now: $17.97
Lidded box with drawer, 20 cards, and a keepsake journal
Box Size:
8"W x 2.25"H x 5.5"D
Card Size:
5.5"W x 4"H

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